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Sites for major depression in adolescents

Have you been diagnosed with major depression? I have put together some of the best and most useful sites on adolescent major depression. If you have a site to recommend, don't hesitate to send me a e-mail with the URL. Thank you!

Personal Experiences

Rhyme of the Ancient Wanderer

Useful Sites

1 Clinical Depression
Climb it -(MUST FOR KIDS)
Crossroads to recovery
Have-A-Heart - Suicidal Toughts
Beyond The Blue
Wings of Madness
When No One Knows Your Pain
Thera Chat (A MUST)
Teen Help
The Clinical Depression Page
Teen Help
CanMat (Trusted Information)
Teen Depression (lots of good info)
Canadian Mental Health Association
Reach Out
Head Room
Beyond Blue
MoodGYM (You need to register, but it's worth it)
Face The Issue
Cool Nurse
Positive thinking


Facts About Childhood Depression
Wings of Madness - Article on Children's depression
Screening Test (Very Helpful)
Suicide Prevention Help (please see if you have suicidal toughts)
Teenage Depression
What to say when your friend is depressed...
Understanding toughts of suicide
Let's Talk About Depression (NIMH)
Something to think about... Treatment (NIMH)
Depression Stories
Bipolar Disorder Update by NIMH
A Booklet of Medication info
In a Harm's Way (Suicide facts)
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