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Did You Know?

Now what is this?? ;) I created this part of my web site for some interesting facts that i've learned from presentations or from the internet.

1. When and which medication was first invented?

Answer: The first medication invented was chlorpromazine in 1952 for hallucinations. According to a guestbook entry from a anonymous doctor, this information is not accurate. I will make research on it and will keep you posted. Thank you.

2. What are the statistics(approximately)of people who will develop a mental illness?

Answer: One in 3 people will have a episode of mental illness in their lifetime.

3. What can skipping meals do?

Answer: It can lead to depression and slow your metabolism.

3. How many minutes from your wake-up it is prefered to have breakfast?

Answer: 30 minutes.

Almost 20 percent of children and youth in Canada have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder.

By 2020, it is estimated that depressive illnesses will become the second leading cause of disease burden worldwide and the leading cause in developed countries like Canada.

Over 70 percent of people with a mental illness are unemployed.

Most people with mental illness recover and are able to lead fulfilling lives with the appropriate treatment and support.

10 - 15 percent of people with major mental illnesses will die by suicide.

More than 90 percent of people who take their lives have a diagnosable mental disorder.

That's it for now... but will have more soon!! Come back:)

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