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Information on Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorder is hard to live with. I know because I am Bipolar. You have severe mood swings of extremely depressed to manic episodes. It's like your living in a roller coaster seat. Stress is the main cause of symptoms coming back. By learning coping strategies and stress management, most people can cope better and have fewer symptoms and relapses.

The symptoms can start early as 4 years old and as old in their late twenties. The most common age of onset tough is in their adolescence. It usually starts with a period of major depression. After the first major depressive episode, the person then starts a manic stage or vice versa.

The person can have depression and manic stafes during the same day. This is called mixed episode. Other can can be depressed for a couple of weeks and then manic for a week or two. This type is called Rapid-Cycling. The last type is the most usual one, the person is depressed for a couple of months or years and then is manic for a couple of weeks.

A great percentage of the people who are diagnosed with bipolar depression has been previously diagnosed with major depression and has been given anti-depressants. But anti-depressants can make it worst because they ten to create a "high" known as mania.

When the person is diagnosed, they are given mood stabilizers to stabilize the depression and mania. Some may also be given a low dose of anti-depressans and anti-psychotics.

There are two types of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder type 1 is major depression and the classic mania. As for bipolar disorder type 2, the depression is more severe but the highs are known as hypomania, a less severe form of mania.

Here is a sample mood chart by me

Here are some useful links on the bipolar disorder. Hope it will help, because it can be a confusing and painful disorder for both the family and the the person.

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