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About me... Quick facts

Name: Tika Rose Marie Deslauriers

Age: 19 years old

Birthplace: Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada

Where I live now: Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada

Immediate Family :Mother, Father, 2 step-sisters (16 yrs old and 24 yrs old), a male Bichon Frise.

Closest Friends: Alain Gervais, Daniel Fortier, Guy Pouliot, Suzanne Ullyot and my dog Teddy.

Nicknames:Eskimo, kiki

Psychiatric Hospitalization

1st time: Cause - 2 suicidal attempts January - 5 weeks Sensenbrenner.. about 2 weeks at Sudbury Algoma Hospital...Refused treatment... diagnostic... major depression with melancholia, social anxiety, withdrawn and GED.

2nd time: Reason - Overdose (suicidal attempt) June-August... Sudbury Algoma Hospital.. 3 months... diagnostic... bipolar type 2... Accepted treatment...

3rd time: Reason - Medication change (no suicidal attempts) November... Sensenbrenner Hospital.. Accepted treatment

4th time-7th time: Suicidal ideation and psychosis - Sensenbrenner hospital

8th time: Suicide attempt and psychosis - Sensenbrenner hospital

9th time: mood swings and psychosis - Hopital Montfort

10th time: Suicidal attempt and psychosis - Sensnebrenner Hospital

11th time: Hopital Montfort - I don't remember 2 months I'm not sure how many times after that...

Hospitalization right now: North Bay Psychiatric Hospital - Evaluation and rehabilitation on the C.R.E.U unit. The best program!:) Right now it's been 4 months...

Dreams:Write a autobiography and help teens who are depressed... maybe build the house I always dreamed of... a house where I will help depressed teens get better... Work on the C.R.E.U. at the North Bay Psychiatric Hospital.

Special thanksAll my family(Especially my mom), my friends, Lucie Morin, Dr Seward, Staff on the 4th floor at Sudbury Algoma Hospital, Lynne (Social Worker), Dr Marr, Dr Joe Persi, Carole Bisson, nurses for Active care, Adrienne, ER and Intensive at Sensenbrenner Hospital, Patti who was my main worker for my first stay and Jody who was my main worker for my 2nd stay and all the others who helped me a lot. The most important... The team at the C.R.E.U. unit, they have totally changed my perception of life. Thanks so much, you all mean so much to me.

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