It was just on dawn. Rick’s eyes flickered open. He could hear the waves crashing on the shore in the background and noticed a chill in the air. He couldn’t sleep again so thought he would throw some clothes on and go for a walk along the beach to watch the sunrise. He slowly made his way along the beach, noticing it was deserted, with not even an early morning jogger in sight. He looked way down the beach and taking a few seconds to focus, saw something laying at the waters edge. Was it a fish of some sort? Or could it be one of the drunks who slept on the beach falling too close to the rising tide.

Rick quickened his pace to get to the subject faster. As he came closer, he could see what he thought was a woman lying half way in the water. Her very long locks of red hair had washed over her naked breasts and partially obscured her face. He looked out to the horizon, the sun was just starting to rise greeting the day with light, turning the water into a golden molten sea. The clouds, strewn across the skies, edged with gold thread.

Rick looked down at the woman and as the tide ebbed he noticed she had no legs but instead had a silver fish tail. He had never seen anything like it before. He knelt down, a shadow forming across her exquisite body. He leaned forward and his fingers trailed the line of red hair, touching her soft skin as he brushed aside the hair from across her face and exposing her creamy soft breast. He was suddenly overcome with an urge to kiss her. Finding her beauty too much to ignore and wanting to taste her sweet bud-like lips. He leaned closer and gently his lips brushed hers in a kiss as light as the touch of a butterfly's wing. As he drew away to look down at her again her eyes fluttered open, exposing blue eyes, as deep as the sea this wonderful creature came from. He was mesmerized and just knelt there looking deeply into her eyes and studying her face.

She lift her hand, her fingers brushing her lips from the warm touch she had felt, looking intently into his hazel eyes. She could not find the words to explain the feeling, her lips parted slightly, gently licking them as her hands reached up and touch Rick's lips. He smiled at her, wondering what he should do next. She slid her hand around his neck and pulled him down to her. He claimed her lips again, softly at first then with more passion, the response from her igniting a spark deep in his heart. He had never felt anything like this before. She was a complete stranger but it was as if he knew her and she was part of his soul, yet she was not. How could she be, he did not know her.

He pulled away looking in her eyes again and wondered what her name was. He was about to ask when she started writing something in the sand. He patiently waited as she wrote “Jezabelle”. His eyes widened with amazement, then as the shock of her knowing what he was thinking passed he thought how beautiful the name was, as he once more took her in his arms and kissed her searchingly, overcome by emotions he had no control of. This time it was her who pulled away and he was forced to sit back on his heals as a wave washed up knocking him off balance. As the water ebbed away he noticed the mystical mermaid had disappeared.

Getting quickly to his feet, not realising he was dripping wet from the wave, he looked out to sea, shading his eyes from the sun, which by now was making it’s way up into the sky. He searched for the mermaid, the creature who had wrenched his heart unexpectedly. He spotted her out past the waves watching him. He was about to dive into the water when he saw her waving to him, then raising her hand to her lips she blew him a kiss, before diving into the depths of the ocean. It was then he realised he could not go after her as he could not survive in her environment, as she could not survive the life he had to offer. He stood there suddenly feeling very alone, as opposed to feeling something really deep and warm with this mystical redheaded mermaid. An angel he had never seen before and would never see again.

He started walking back up the beach the way he had come from, looking back one more time hoping to get one last glimpse of the beautiful redhead but all he saw was the white crests of the incoming waves which hovered above the depths of the deep blue sea.