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Some Recipes of Puerto Rico



Living in Belgium, Europe... my lovely husband asked me to make some Puerto Rican dishes... Unfortunately I cannot find all the products here, so I did my best.... He found the food so delicious... that he name it The Best Kitchen of the Caribbean....

I dedicate this page for my  husband, my lovely daughter Thamara... and for ALL my friends on internet that wants to know our Creole Kitchen...of course...

The best of the world..!!  


Arañitas... Empanadillas. .
Arroz con Bacalao Flan de Calabaza
Arroz con Dulce Habichuelas Guisadas
Arroz con Gandules Jibaritos Envueltos
Arroz con Pollo Mantecaditos
Bacalaitos Pasteles
Barriquitas de Vieja Empanadillas...(Pastelillos)
Buñuelos de viento Pastelon de Carne
Camarones a la Criolla Pollo en Fricase
Camarones Criollos Sorullitos
Carne Mechada Kentucky Fried Chicken
Chicken Pasteles Alcapurrias
Croquetas de Berenjenas... Soon
Croquetas de Arroz... Soon
Coquito Soon

 If you need a recipe or have a recipe that    want to add to this collection please send me an email:


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for including my Puerto Rican Recipes on their website.. Los quiero  un montón..!!!

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