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Things That Should Be Said About the Busch Whackers

The Busch Whackers, who likes them, not me. NASCAR should not let them run Busch. Why do they want to come back and forth? From Cup to Busch. The Busch series is for up and coming racing stars, not guys that have won championships in Winston Cup. I can see why people that come to Busch from Cup because they donít have a ride in NASCAR. Cup drivers have no purpose in Busch. They might bring some popularity to the sport, but they still donít belong in Busch. As long as they are still racing in the Busch Series, the Busch Whackers are canceling any chances for the low budget Busch teams to make a race. And they are basically taking the money from the teams that try to compete each and every week on a small budget such as teams as Jimmy Means Racing, Team Moy Racing, Brain Weber Racing, and the other teams that have very little to run a race.