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Hello, this is yet another one of my many pages. Basically I do this bc I like to learn about WebDesigning. So look around & feel free to express your thoughts....


Born in 1986, the year of the

|Flaka| |Mala| |Patty| |Ely| |Carmen| |Eddie| |Steve| |Leslie| |Diana| |Lina| |Charles| |Jen-e| |Lira| |Gina| |Kris| |Ivette| |C. Arturo| |Kumar| |Jess| |Winnie| |Cassie| |Matt| |Dana| |Steph| |Candice| |Ryan| |Phillip| |Brian| |Jhon| |Allysa| |Nirav| |Tasha| |Michael| |Rey| |Sergio|

Pix of Me & Da Ppl I love Most
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The Lovely Princess
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Contact Moi
AOL/AIM: PrincessShorty24

MiGente: SexxiiLayD