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~Welcome to Angel's Chimera Dreams~

Hello, My name is ~Angel~
You are about to enter my site.
Before you do, I ask that you take a minute to read these words.

This page AND my page of ~Frequently Asked Questions~,
will answer about 90% of the questions that people write to me about.

If you are going to use ANY of my graphics,
or ANY of my cyber-pets, then you must read my rules first.

****Downloading of any of my copyright protected graphics is your agreement to follow these rules.****

You may use my graphics on your webpages,in the EXACT ORIGINAL form in which you have downloaded them.
They are not to be changed, edited, colorized, resized, cropped or altered in any way.
These designs are not to be used in making "tubes", banners, signs, awards, logos, backgrounds, drag and drop pages, stationary, newsletters, emails, ect.

If you choose to use any of my copyright artwork on your pages, you must provide a link back
ON THE PAGE(S) where the graphics are being used.
There is a link to a collection of logos below to assist you in doing so.

My graphics are *not* available for use in any graphics, clip-art, or animated graphics collections.

Do NOT use my graphics to make a "Cyber-Pet" adoption agency for your page.
The graphics and adoptees are only to be avaliable from this site.

These graphics are not to be used for ANY reason besides decorating personal web pages.

Free use of my graphics only apply to non-graphic collections, non-profit, non-business, non-comercial web pages/sites on the internet.

I hold the copyright to my graphics, they belong to me. I reserve the right to deny use of my graphics, to any persons or parties for any reasons.

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I have read these rules,
And I agree to follow these legal terms of use.

~I agree, let me in!~

~I don't agree, take me somewhere else!~

~The graphics on this page were created and are owned by ~Angel~
They are exclusive to this page,
and they are not avaliable for download.
Do NOT remove them from this page.

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