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Victims of Divorce Fund
Helping Stay-At-Home Moms to get back on their feet.

Dedicated to women who have devoted their lives to caring for their children, became divorced, and have had difficulty reentering the work force.

Offering temporary financial assistance in such areas as:

Tuition Assistance
Housing Expenses
Living Expenses
Child Care Expenses

The Victims of Divorce Fund is funded solely by caring donors.

After 10 years home with her children, Alana was told by an employment agency worker that employers would be more likely to hire someone fresh out of college, then to hire her, having stayed home so many years, regardless of her previous nearly 12 years of secretarial experience, including at the executive level. She also told her that being over 40, that age discrimination WILL occur, despite any employer's claims to the contrary. Following her divorce, she found those words to be way too true. She has still after six years of trying not been able to reenter the secretarial field, instead settling for positions caring for elderly clients. These positions pay less, have unideal work hours, and have the continual risk of back and other injuries. This is unfair. Alana's case is not an isolated one.

Stay-at-home moms, victimized by divorce, need a "leg up" to help them to get back into the work force. This may include having educational opportunities or other retraining. Being out of the work force, finances may be too tight to even contemplate further education to gain edge in the job market.

What can you do? If this is a cause that touches your heart, then please contemplate making a donation to the Victims of Divorce Fund:

If you have been a stay-at-home mom victimized by divorce, then help may be available. Email explaining your situation and include the names and contact information of three references who can confirm the information that you provide.

Remember.... often it isn't only the stay-at-home mom victimized by a divorce..... often the children are as well.