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How "sure" are you really that you're in the relationship that you "should" be in?
How "sure" are you that you truly are compatible with your mate?
Are there factors that may lead to abuse in your relationship?
Is this the "right" time in your life to be in a romantic, long-term relationship?
Is this the "right" time to get married?
Would you benefit from "an outsider's" opinion?

With more than 20 years experience in relationship counseling, aLiZa is here ready to offer helpful advice that could change your life in positive directions.

Advice is offered via email after gathering information from you regarding yourself and your mate.

An inexpensive, non-confrontational examination of your relationship with eye-opening, thought-provoking valuable advice.

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Email for more information: OR
If you're ready to get started, PayPal $20 now and email as many details about your relationship as possible:

Aliza Perry, BA, MA Psychology
Relationship Advisor
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Be sure and include as much relevant information in your initial paid email - aLiZa will respond via email ONCE for each $20 payment.

This is NOT a counseling web site. Advice is given based on aLiZa's education and experience; however, advice given should not be viewed as given in a counseling capacity. As such, by your use of this service, you agree to indemnify aLiZa from any and all liable pursuits.