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~*~Lyons-Decatur Cougars~*~

November 7, 2002-10:09 PM
First the picture is our seniors..but the picture is soo warped that they look real weird. lol. But anyway. The guys played their second playoff game..and they unfortunatley lost 10-14. It was a really good game. They worked hard to get wheret hey are..and no one is going to forget it. I know I won't! At the end of the game, when they started running the clock, I just felt the tears fall. I knew at that moment, this was the last game, the last time, that I'd ever get to see these guys play together. It just gave me this feeling, that we are all growing up. I just can't believe they are seniors. These guys who I always knew, it makes me sad to think they are leaving soon. And what upset me the most, wasn't that we lost, it wasn't that at all, it was the fact that I realized in that moment, that I was losing them slowly. The end of the game I will always remember most. After sitting in there huddle and talking, the seniors held hands and walked the remainder of the field to one goal post. Then walked back to the other. In silence we all watched them take those strides. Then finally they left that football field, they walked through the practice field, and into the locker room, all holding hands. I've never seen a group like that before, that meant so much to eachother. And a lot of people are saying oh they could have done better, where were their heads at. But ya know, maybe this was how it was supposed to be. They made their mark. Its something I consider unforgettable. And so..Ben, Joel, Danny, Kenny, Shane, Aaron, Matt, Brandon, good luck in your ventures in life. You guys really brought us far, and I know that after you leave it will never be the same. Never.So I dedicate this song to you guys, Time of your life by Green Day, because you guys I hope had the time of your life. *TEAR* I LOVE YOU GUYS SOO MUCH! BEN I'M GONNA MISS YOU!

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