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In Memory: Christopher Ronald Faller
~ May 7, 1990 - March 24, 1998 ~

This poem was written by me for Christopher's dear brother and sister. Although Mark was born after Christopher's death, he is still his little brother. God bless you Rachel and Mark. You had a wonderful brother! You will all meet again in Heaven when the time is right. Love: Marlene ~August 5, 2000~


Hello Rachel and Mark, it's Christopher here today,
Your big brother has some nice things to say!
I love you both from here in Heaven above.
And I'm sending you both lots and lots of love!

I wish I could be there with you everyday,
It really was hard to leave and go away.
But you have each other to laugh with and to play,
And that's what I see you are both doing today.

Listen to Mom and Dad, they'll teach you right from wrong,
You both are in their hearts right where you belong,
Be good and kind to others in your very special way,
And get along together each and every day.

To Mark, my little brother who I never knew,
God blessed Mom and Dad with someone sweet like you!
You'll really see they're special the older you get,
They are the finest parents you could ever have met!

To Rachel, my little sister, I really do miss you,
And all the fun things that we used to do.
It's nice up here in Heaven in my very special home,
I'm always with the angels, I'm never alone!

God speaks with me about one thing or another,
He tells me I have the best sister and brother.
And that we will be together again someday,
And He'll love watching the three of us as we laugh and play!

Goodbye for now my sweet sister and brother,
Please always be close and love one another!
Give Mom and Dad a great big hug and say I said Hello.
I love you Rachel and Mark and how I miss you so!

Love Your Brother: Christopher

~ God Bless Rachel, Mark & Christopher ~

Winnie the Pooh, Shines This Candle For You!

Winnie shines this candle in memory of Christopher
and for all his family & friends. ~ God bless us all! ~

A friend can hear a tear drop.

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Maria's Tribute to Christopher

"Dear Maria: This award is for ALL your lovely pages
for Christopher and others.
Love: Marlene"
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