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phpBB 2 : Creating Communities phpBB 2.0.3 CHANGELOG
  1. Changelog
    1. Changes since 2.0.2
    2. Changes since 2.0.1
    3. Changes since 2.0.0
    4. Changes since RC-4
    5. Changes since RC-3
    6. Changes since RC-2
    7. Changes since RC-1
    8. Changes since RC-1 (pre)
  2. Disclaimer

1. Changelog

This is a non-exhaustive (but still near complete) changelog for phpBB 2.0.x including beta and release candidate versions.

1.i. Changes since 2.0.2

  • Fixed potential cross-site scripting vulnerability with avatars - Showscout
  • Fixed potential SQL rewrite issue in page header - missing contrib
  • Fixed potential CSS/HTML rewrite on viewing in login - Marc Rees
  • Fixed (hopefully) issue with MS Access and multiple pages

1.ii. Changes since 2.0.1

  • Fixed missing "username" lang variable in user admin template
  • Session work around for users behind rotating IPs - vHiker
  • Fixed potential session user_id re-write - Ashe
  • Fixed potential cross-browser scripting issue with BBCode URLs
  • Fixed potential gallery avatar exploit - Ashe
  • Fix sorting of smileys on each function call - Ashe/psoTFX
  • Clear topic_mod text output in viewtopic - Lars
  • Fix regex for avatar remote urls
  • Fix non-updating of user post counts when deleting whole topics
  • Increase time limit when sending topic reply notifications
  • Set default forum when splitting topics
  • Fix non-deletion of uploaded avatars when switching to gallery
  • Removed various closing newlines from included files
  • Add MAX_ROWS to HEAP table alter in install/upgrade - Ashe
  • Update username maxlength for subSilver templates
  • Allow ( and ) in BBCode [url] tags
  • Fix non-quoting of # in username validation regexs
  • Fix overlooked global var in private messaging
  • Possible fix for \r\n email templates issues
  • Fix missing str_replace for category title forum admin SQL
  • Fix trailing , when sending emails via smtp
  • Fix avatar issues in user admin
  • Fix improper checking of email address ban in sessions
  • Fix use of hard coded language strings in forum admin
  • Fix missing closing ) in smilies admin
  • Fix missing Username label in user admin
  • Fix upgrade.php bug where conversion would not complete (and updated other scripts to match the changes)
  • Fix problem with redirect and login.php
  • Fix typo that could cause problems with sorting in the memberlist
  • Fix emailer to allow sending emails with language-specific character sets

1.iii. Changes since 2.0.0

  • Fixed delete image bug for normal users
  • Fixed group control panel image links
  • Fixed missing L_POST variable in group control panel
  • Fixed missing user id when redirecting to email form after login
  • Fixed (a)ppend_sid function name error in group control panel
  • Fixed reset of post type when previewing a post
  • Fixed mass emailer include path error
  • Fixed potential SQL exploit
  • Fixed several minor subSilver issues
  • Fixed [quote] breaking HTML problem
  • Fixed problem with unclosed nested quotes
  • Fixed bad handling of automagic links at end of quotes
  • Fixed potential BBCode and avatar remote exploit
  • Altered email validation check to allow + in username as per RFC
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour with wildcards in disallowed usernames
  • Added missing append_sid for search view results as posts
  • Fixed incorrect clearing of current sessions for logged in users
  • Fixed user_timezone (cannot update user profile) problem
  • Added correct setting of moderator status for users during upgrade
  • Fixed handling of uploaded avatars if gallery avatar currently used
  • Fixed use of existing username for uploaded avatars
  • Fixed updating of topic reply stats when post is deleted
  • Fixed irrelevant error message when activating already active account
  • Fixed gzip compression problems with Netscape and some PHP versions
  • Fixed MS Access layer errors when using latest PHP versions
  • Fixed styles admin editing problems with MSSQL Server
  • Fixed logout issue when cancelling certain actions
  • Fixed missing text in certain admin links
  • Fixed opening of frame within frame when logging into admin
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of search results by time
  • Fixed fulltext searching failure with MS Access
  • Hopefully fixed fulltext search with non-latin single byte charsets
  • Enabled work-around support for some multi-byte charsets - OOHOO
  • Re-enabled search indexing of all-numeric character sequences
  • Updated email banning to properly implement wildcards
  • Fixed missing extension in links from groupcp
  • Fixed lack of re-validation when changing email address
  • Added additional IP check when using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR
  • Fixed non-display of delete icon when on second or greater topic page
  • Fixed problems with users/groups assigned multiple permissions
  • Fixed problem with - and + in search words - Matthijs
  • Fixed improper handling for deletion of words from search table
  • Fixed support for , in automagic URLs as per RFC
  • Fixed circular reference SQL errors when deleting posts under MS Access
  • Fixed nested [code] problems
  • Added charset encoding headers for emails - romutis
  • Fixed "Copy to self" emails to use correct language
  • Fixed pagination error when limiting previous days for viewforum
  • Decreased minimum search word size to 3 chars
  • Fixed deletion of one or more options from all polls when editing just one
  • Fixed checking of group memberships when promoting/demoting group moderators
  • Added database closure to admin frameset page

1.iv. Changes since RC-4

  • Fixed improper report of general error when posting messages containing errors
  • Fixed post text being doubled up if it contained one or more < without closing >
  • Fixed pruning errors due to search function name change
  • Hopefully fixed various issues which led to incorrect reply and excess page counts
  • Fixed groupcp not displaying all email buttons to group moderator or admin
  • Fixed failure to display error notice when uploading oversized avatars
  • Hopefully corrected problem with viewonline displaying too few/many users online
  • Partially addressed issue with activation URLs >76 chars
  • Fixed additional search facilities failing to work or working incorrectly
  • Fixed search syntax highlighting
  • Addressed various webservers handling of page redirects
  • Fixed word censor not replacing first or last words
  • Fixed avatar height and width check for locally uploaded images
  • Hopefully fixed cache control header
  • Added check for PM box size limit of 0 to prevent div0 error
  • Fixed failure to fully delete PMs in outbox
  • Fixed display problem with polls
  • Fixed problem with guest username not being displayed for topic results in search
  • Fixed problem with quotes in various profile fields
  • Fixed schema problem with user_timezone
  • Fixed page display issue with MS Access
  • Fixed user level issue when altering user from user to admin and vice versa
  • Fixed incorrect parseing of some email templates
  • Reduced size of MS Access primer
  • Fixed various remaining usergroup display issues

1.v. Changes since RC-3

  • Addressed serious security issue with included files
  • Fixed non-use of database table prefix name during upgrade
  • Split functions and profile into separate modules
  • Fixed (hopefully) remaining issues with colourisation of moderator usernames
  • Updated install to include entry of additional, required, information
  • Fixed (hopefully) AOL incompatibilities
  • Fixed non-display of moderators in index/viewforum
  • Fixed group control panel 'no groups exist' problems
  • Fix HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR spoofing possibility
  • Fix ignoring of private range IP's in HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR
  • Enable multiple wildcard email banning, eg. *name*@somewhere.tld
  • Fix problems with posts being truncated if containing < and > characters
  • Prevent URL, BBCode and most smiley parseing in [code][/code]
  • Fix problems with use of certain reserved chars in word censor list
  • Fix default search useage to be as described (was doing AND by default)
  • Fix various avatar issues with profile, gallery and viewtopic
  • Enable safe mode support for uploading avatars
  • Fix broken modcp IP view issue
  • Fix potential session_id re-write vulnerability
  • Finish localisation of days and months (AM/PM are not and will not be localised in 2.0)
  • Remove link to external subSilver stylesheet from default subSilver templates
  • Handle TRANSACTIONS correctly in MySQL 3.x (by returning correct responses)
  • Fix checkbox resetting problem while previewing posts
  • Fix a login redirect issue
  • Remove some additional unused fields during upgrade
  • Fix (hopefully) remaining ICQ overlay issue with view profile in subSilver Changes since RC-2

  • Fixed infamous install parse error
  • Major update of posting and related search functions (fixing various issues and increasing speed)
  • Fixed display of author and last poster names when both are different guest users
  • Fixed upgrade stall issues (hopefully!) and improved output
  • Fixed highlighting code for viewtopic and search
  • Reduced size of several files and functions
  • Moved localised images to sub-directories
  • Improved user feedback of disallowed usernames
  • Fixed various MSSQL bugs
  • Fixed installation of MSSQL/MSSQL-ODBC
  • Fixed security issue with upgrade.php
  • Finished implemention of various additional features
  • Fixed various user, group and forum permissions problems
  • Fixed issues with BBCode [ and ] (hopefully!)
  • Fixed autologin problems with MS IIS
  • Hopefully fixed problems with URIs in emails on some server configs
  • Fixed 'blank' profile and DB utilities problems on submit
  • Fixed incorrect language being used in email subjects
  • Fixed issues with incorrect private message new/unread counts
  • Fixed various PostgreSQL related errors
  • Automatically forward users to login screen in more situations
  • AEnabled (coloured) online indication of moderators and admins
  • Enabled maximum online user count
  • Altered online user count to ignore duplicate IPs (will now underestimate rather than overestimate)
  • Enabled viewing of users browsing each forum
  • Fixed (hopefully) display of overlayed ICQ icon in Netscape using subSilver
  • Fixed display of guest usernames for last post and author
  • Hidden usergroups are now completely hidden from view

1.vii. Changes since RC-1

  • Fixed numerous PostgreSQL related issues
  • Significant updates and additions to the upgrade script
  • Various (missed) hard coded language strings fixed
  • Fixed viewforum error when no forum id specified
  • Fixed old constant name useage in search system
  • Fixed display of moved posts when viewing unanswered posts
  • Fixed failure of search for user and keyword when displaying as posts
  • Fixed PM popup notification
  • Fixed view more emoticon session page problem
  • Fixed view profile email links
  • Fixed display of websites in profile
  • Fixed backup database failure
  • Fixed MS Access schema error when posting topics
  • Fixed problem with hypenated/dotted DB names in MySQL 3.23.6+
  • Various other fixes and updates

1.viii. Changes since RC-1 (pre)

  • Upgrade script completed for initial fully functional release
  • Sessions code updated
  • Mark read code updated and hopefully fixed
  • Significant changes to properly deal with \' for non-MySQL boards
  • mssql, msaccess and mssql-odbc DB classes re-written
  • Avatar issues addressed and fixed
  • Search (INSERT) bug using MySQL fixed
  • Search highlighting issues addressed
  • Search own/other users posts fixed
  • BBCode fixes for magic URIs and other issues
  • Template updates for subSilver
  • User and group permissions problems fixed
  • Forum management problems (deletion of forum causing category not to display) fixed
  • Pagination problem with groupcp fixed
  • Backslash issues with posting and profile fixed
  • Backslash issues with emails fixed
  • preg_quote problems fixed
  • User management updated with full avatar control and missing fields
  • Private messaging box limits fixed
  • Private messaging ?folder= strangeness fixed
  • Forum pruning code updated to cope with search system
  • Emoticon system in posting updated
  • BBCode FAQ link added to posting form
  • Language file updates to address concerns of translators
  • Various other bug fixes and updates

Note that a full list of fixed bugs can be found at the bug tracker (see section on bug reporting here)

2. Copyright and disclaimer

This application is opensource software released under the GPL. Please see source code and the Docs directory for more details. This package and its contents are Copyright 2002 phpBB Group, All Rights Reserved.