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Celebrating with you, EVERY (day) YEAR, THINKING of YOU. APRIL 17...I PRAY GOD FOR YOU. I Fill a well full of Tears, that makes me Blind to just think of U. They can say anything they want, but, they can not take away this precious Love, that will Always be inside me, and You. You are my life. All paths lead Back, to Our Loving Familia Traditions of Our Culture and Heritage, that I taught you since birth. ALL the Happiness we Shared all-over the World, with Family and friends who Adore you and Miss You. OUR SOULS ARE BONDED FOREVER. I Know God Hears. I didn't ask for wealth. I ask him to send you, TREAUSURES WORTH MORE than SUPERFICIAL thangs ....for, All the Riche$ or fame CANT BUY the PRICELESS LOVE of YOUR MOTHER. **Look into your Mother's Eyes, you'll see Faith, Patience, and Understanding. Look into your Mother's Heart, and You'll find the place where TRUE LOVE, begins** I Pray, for you in my arms. I Ask, HE Protect you, grant you Health. Bless you Always. I WOULD SAY TO YOU..... NEVER Permit, a man to make you a slave, you were born to be Loved not, to be a Slave! NEVER Permit, that you hurt suffer in the name of love, Love is an Act of happiness, so why suffer? NEVER Permit, that your name which I Dreamed off months be, Disrespected pronounced in vain, by a man you don't know, if he's got a name or Honor. NEVER Permit, to liston screams in your ears, Love is the only thing that can speak, Louder. NEVER Permit, the Wreckless dreams of others, be mixed with yours, making it to a Nightmare. NEVER Permit, to live under Dependence of a man making you to believe, you must comply - incapable. NEVER Permit, to be Left beautiful and Marvelous waiting for a man that has NO eyes to Admire you. NEVER Permit, that you allow yourself to loose your "Dignity" of being, a Woman!!! A Man must know, how to Appreciate the *Valueable Treasure* that you are, a WOMAN. NEVER permit!! ~~ I PRAY that UNDERSTANDING TRIUMPHS OVER IGNORANCE and TRUTH OVER FALSEHOOD, that generosity Triumphs over indifference. HOPE is a word, Every Hurting Heart understands. I WILL FORZAKE YOU. We Love You, Very Much. I Wait For You with ALL MY LOVE MY DARLING CHILD, "Your Mother"