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I have lived in Mahopac, NY all my life and made some great friends here. Within my close circle of friends we all have extremely different personalities and traits, however, when we come together it is like we are one. Mahopac Highschool was a great time for us.

They say home is where the heart is. I may live in Ithaca now, but Mahopac will always be my home.

To see some pictures and learn more about my life here in Mahopac click here -->

I went to Ithaca College for two years. I met so many great people here and love them all so much.

However, to begin my junior year, I transfered to Cornell University. I'm very lucky that the two schools are only 3 minutes from eachother. I still love Ithaca College and live with all the girls I met there. In fact, the only reason I transfered was the opportunity to graduate with an Ivy League degree...I wouldn't have left IC otherwise.

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To see some pictures from my junior year click here -->

My mom, myself, and my dad My family is also very important to me. I have one older sister named Jessica and one older brother named Ryan. We all live together with my parents, Jeffrey and Cheryl. When growing up, my parents always made a special effort to have us do things together. Every year we would go on different vacations to places such as Aruba, Mexico, Antigua and Disney World. Occasionally we would go out west to Oregon to visit family.

I am also very close with my extended family. For the past six years, we have all gathered in North Carolina for a big family reunion. This is always a great time.

Here are some pictures of my family:
Jessica, my Aunt Susan, Grace and Alison Ryan, Jessica, and Me with our parents
Daddy's girl Ryan and my cousin Grace Ryan and Alison
Jessica and Ryan at their highschool graduation Grace, Ryan, my cousin Alison and Me Grace and Me

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