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Jilly's Place
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I am Aurora!

5 Reason's Why You Should Like Me...

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Thanks for visiting my page!

The name is Jillian, and please do not dare to use half of my name. YES, MY SITE HAS BEEN UPDATED! You all can now look around at new and better stuff, while most of the old images are given a new look, or a new format. I also have a new background...isn't it pretty....:)


I'm getting there. I don't suck, but I've got a ways to go.

Ok, this might scare some people, and I'm sorry you had to find out like this, but...I just had to put this DBZ picture up! I'm sorry. I's sad...even for me, but you can't go through three years of all the episodes and the Midnight Run w/o putting some sort of shrine up!

"Ooooh, what does this button do?"

Which Piercing are you?

...and since I'm such a nice person, and I didn't disable the rightclick feature on my site, you all can save and use the pictures on my site. Hell, that's what I did!

And here is my last and best tribute. These are actually three seperate pictures that I had to place and size just right so that they fit and didn't get all mushed up together, and then I had to link them, so if you click on the picture it will take you to the best site in the whole wide world. (Well, next to this one)...


Here's a shoutout to my friends:

Everyone who hangs out with me on the auditorium stairs and walkway: Sara, Laurel, Krystle, Miranda, Reuben, Eddie, Courtney, Mike, Derek, Joe, Melissa, Sammy, Amanda and Tiny, etc.

My chorus amigas: I miss you all terribly, but I'm coming to the Variety Show, so I can see how good/bad/awful you are! Serenity 2000-2001 Rules!

Good Luck with Candlelight, and all the other auditions!

Hi baby, I love you always and forever.

Monica! The coolest girl I know, because she (frankly my dear) just doesn't give a damn, and because she gives me a reason to go the demon's class, especially to laugh at her homework problems....:)

Tanya and Kelly: The three of us, when we're together, are probably the most incompatible people in the world, I still love you guys, thank you for putting up with me through the freshman years. Kelly, I'm important to someone!

Molly: Questions? Comments? Concerns? hehe, where's my Mc Flurry (w/ extra pickles...)?

The Seniors who left us last year! Melissa "Toasty" Mullnix, Lindsey "A or E?" Crain, and Ryan "Limpy, you've been gone forever, but its nice to see you with Tanya, god, what took you guys so long..." Flynn. We miss you all! Stop by the school and say hi!

If I forgot someone, sign my guest book and I'll put you in the list....

I'm green. What colour are you?
What colour of Skittle are you?

I'd like to take a moment to sing a song:


There you go, wasn't it beautiful?

I know, I sing like and it takes a lot of practice to be that GOOD!!!! lol, lmao.

Anybody feel like goin' surfin'?


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