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Today is:

Name: Tracy

Age: 21

Birthdate: November 5

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'6" without shoes and about 5'8" with shoes :0)

Favorite Kind of Music: Mostly country, and some R&B / Pop..depends on my mood, really

Favorite Sport: I like to play football on the beach :0) and I like to watch baseball..GO BRAVES!! :0)

School: University of Central Florida / Junior

Location: Grant, FL (home), Orlando, FL (School), Jacksonville, FL (Visit often)

Favorite Things To Do: horseback riding, camping, going to the beach, hangin' out with the girls, playing pool, in-line skating, just about anything outdoors

How I spend my free time: SCHOOL!! Not a fun thing to do, but I have no other choice :0) I'm in the nursing program and that requires a lot of attention. But other than school, most of my free time is spent with friends and family.

Well, where do I begin? :0) I'm a full time nursing student, which bascially means, I HAVE NO LIFE! I absolutely love the field, but sometimes the studying portion is what kicks me in the butt. When everyone else is out enjoying their weekend, I'm stuck inside studying or reading. I've completed my first semester though. I actually made pretty decent grades. I had 2 "A"s, 2 "B"s and 2 "S"s for my clinicals. Not my usual grades, but I'm still considered honors :0) This second semester is pretty rough. I'm taking 2 classes that are each 5 hours long, plus my clinical. It's not an easy major, but gosh darn it, I'LL MAKE IT :0) Just pray for me..hehe..

For everyone who will ask if I'm single, the answer is YES!! So please don't ask. But for those of you who would like to know some things about myself, I'll start with my pet peeves. My number one is liars. If you're one of these, don't bother IM'ing me. I also hate people who IM me with "a/s/l/p". This obviously shows that you didn't read my profile or even take the extra time to view my page. If you IM me with "a/s/l/p" you won't get a response! Don't wanna sound like a bitch, but gotta get everything out in the open..Hey, here's something that is cute. As many of you can tell, I'm a nursing here is a cute top ten list :0)

Top Ten Reasons to date a Nursing Major:
10. White scrubs are see-through.
9. We are clean.
8. We know the anatomy of the body and all it's secret places.
7. We know mouth to mouth.
6. Two words - Sponge Bath
5. We don't gag.
4. We always have a rubber on hand.
3. We can go all night.
2. We have restraints and we are not afraid to use them.
1. We know how to take penetration!

So, a little more about myself since this page is titled "All About Me." Well, I love the outdoors. I grew up living in a big city (Jacksonville) then I moved with my mother and my stepfather in a small city. They had horses, cows, pigs, dogs, cats, etc...I learned how to push cows through the shoot in a cow pin by the time I was like 7 years old. So, I guess someone would call me a "country girl." But it's not even like that. I enjoy being around animals and hate to see them being hurt. I used to go camping with my father and brother on the beach. We'd pack up our camper and stay for the weekend. It was awesome. So, I guess this is why I still love the outdoors. I've been exposed to it since I was small.

I'm a very "go-getter" type of person. If I set a goal for myself, it most likely will be completed by the time set. That's just the type of person I am. I'm also very organized. You outta see my apartment. Everything is labeled. Yes, LABELED! Even the remotes on my coffee table are labeled as to which unit they belong to. Yea, some people call me crazy and others like it. I wasn't like that until I moved out on my own. Hey, you never know who will stop by unexpected :0) Gotta be prepared 100% of the time.

If you would like to contact me, then here are the few ways that I can be reached:

Yahoo Instant Messenger: ucfnursing05
AOL Instant Messenger: LuvNursing05
Phone: 1-800-You-Wish
Cell Phone: 1-900-ItsYurDime

OK, so I had to be a little cute on the phone issue. :0) But I'm usually online during the day or late afternoon doing some kind of school related thing. So, if you wanna chat with me and listen to me bitch about how much shit school work I have, feel free to IM me :0) Other than that, have a great day and thanx for stopping in. OH YEA!! If you wanna see my pics, feel free to browse my picture page

For all of those women out's something that I thought you'd enjoy! It's titled, "Men Are Like.." Also, please take the time to vist my guestbook

I'm really big into poems, and I have a few that are really good. i, myself, didn't write these, but thought I'd share them with everyone. They are really good, so feel free to read them.

"Moonlight Ride"

"Prom Night - Death of an Innocent"