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© David Gamboa

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Feeling like I had some purpose here, I looked to the mouth of the cave as if to examine it. I discovered its shape to be unique, for it was cut into an oblong which was impressive in itself. I estimated it to be about nine-feet across, and about seven-feet in height, giving me plenty of room to walk through. Unbelievable! Even from where sat, the view of the desert was amazing. It gave me the ability to scan the near vicinity, still in hopes that sooner or later someone would come and find me.

The cave’s coolness helped speed my recovery, which in turn, got my blood pumping fresh oxygen into my brain; I felt uplifted and alive again.

Curious as I am, it was time to investigate and examine the cave’s point of entry. I got up, stretched my limbs, loosened myself up, and although a bit sore, managed to walk with only the slightest pain. As I examined the entryway, I looked it over from end to end then scanned the archway. It was then that I noticed the strange markings deeply engraved just outside its threshold and above my head.

Giving it a closer look, the markings resembled something you’d see in some foreign country from a time past, or something you’d find and read about in one of those National Geographic magazines. And from what I could make of it, it appeared to be of ancient origin as in, one-thousand years ago. They looked like nothing I’d ever seen. They were hieroglyphic messages of some sort, and possibly, just possibly, a nameplate announcing the entrance of a lost city or civilization—a lost civilization? I don’t even know how I came to conclude that, it just came to me.

I was blown away by what I had discovered. I mean, an ancient cave out here in the middle of the desert just couldn’t be possible, could it? Maybe it was no accident that I should somehow and by mere coincidence encounter such a place. What had I stepped into, another world, perhaps?

My mind sharpened and my heart pounded from the mere excitement of what I had stumbled into. I was alert and my old self was saying, go for it—see what you can find! See what ventures lay in this undiscovered zone. See what fate had put forth unto you and seek it out. Besides, I had nothing but time till the sun went down. Furthermore, it was cool in here, and better here than out there in that heat.

Only one thing, though, those strange inscriptions, they kinda had me spooked. Weird thoughts crossed my mind of what they might’ve meant. Hopefully, they weren’t some kind of ancient warnings or had any sacrificial meanings, for that matter. Nah…, it couldn’t be. I figured since they’d been here as long as they had, whatever it meant was probably long and forgotten—hopefully.