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"Radio Afternoon"

© Paul Colaluca

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A gauzy memory
Of long ago days
It’s four in the afternoon
With his ear to the radio...

The tall console’s
Brown lacquered wood
Swirled filigree in front
Is a little boy’s muse...

The cloth covered speaker
In the small front room
Is turned down low
To a mother's unseen smile...

Sergeant Preston
With his great dog
The wolf-husky King
Is in the far cold north...

A white wilderness
Alive with rogues
And a lone mountie
Who’s never afraid...

His voice booms out
In the mind's eye
Certain and right
Always protecting...

With the unshakable King
So fierce and loyal
The two are like one
In the imagination...

As they trail and chase
Capturing a boy's dreams
Where good prevails
Over shameful evils...

His jaw tightens and sets in resolve
A young heart’s first steps toward manhood.

Paul Colaluca (2/23/09)