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Why Writers Write

© by Robert Louis Covington
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Born with linguistic intelligence, generously provided by God, writers must write because they are innately equipped to do so. Writers must express what is in their hearts and minds and what touches their innermost beings. They write firstly for themselves, fulfilling their human mission, then for others by painting images in words for the rest of society to savor. Writers must write with and describe the inspirations within them, and a dastardly event like September 11 makes it more compelling. Just as much as the athlete, who is kinesthetic, must play the game, even to the point of being over the hill, a writer must write. Writing is a writerís obligation to society, and the duty is integral to this life which is such a pleasure to live. What would our lives be without books, magazines, poetry, newspapers, and playwrights? A writer educates, incites, placates, challenges, and contributes indispensably to those pleasures that our Creator ordains for each of us. Being one who must write, here is my take on September 11.

The United States of America dwells indisputably in the omnipotent hands of God. From the moment of its founding on God, America has been explicitly blessed. In turn America has shared its friendship and resources with a world often torn by famine, disease, hunger, oppression and calamity. Americaís people like others created by God are imperfect. America struggles as a consequence to fully live out the edicts of God and the precepts of its noble Constitution. Not alone in its failings America resides within a world gripped with flawed humanity. That humanity, man with a dark side, often enacts political and physical evils upon its brothers. The dark side of man with all its fury struck on September 11, 2001 with the intent to destroy America. The failure of the perpetrators to dent democracy and freedom spared planet earth of an irreparable hole on its face. The attack and all the heinous deeds of men, intentional and unwitting, upon their brothers manifest the unfathomable sufferings of God in Jesus Christ who shed his precious blood for all humankind. All peoples and nations remain solidly in Godís care. America, with open arms to diverse peoples who reflect the many faces of the Creator, is specially and lovingly caressed. For reason known only to God, America has been enriched beyond others. More has been given to America and more is expected of her.