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Inland Empire California Writers Club
2011 "Lost and Found" Short Story, Poetry and Nonfiction
Contest Winners

2011 Contest "Lost and Found" winners

1st Place: “The Found List” Connie Johnson
2nd: “Lost Ring” Gretchen Fletcher
3rd: “The Empty Nest” Mary Langer Thompson
Honorable Mentions go to “Never Forever” Bob Covington; “The Rape of the Lock, Third Grade Style” Mary Langer Thompson; “My Friend Trudy” Marta Chausee; and “Dropped Apricots” Gretchen Fletcher

1st Place: “In There Somewhere” Julie Moore
2nd: “Peligro” Willma Gore
3rd: “A Used Book” Hong-My Basrai
Honorable Mentions go to “The Great and Terrible Onion Affect” Dorothy McMillan; “Searching for Sara” Kathleen Ewing; and “Discovery” Cecilia Dougherty.

Creative Non-Fiction:
1st Place: “Statue of Limitations” Barbara Lewis
2nd: “Seconds Gone Forever” Briana Lane
3rd: “Ties of Friendship” Judy Kohnen
Honorable Mention: “The Foundling” Marie Griffiths

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