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Angel Sanctuary Character Profiles

Seven Satans

Mad Hatter/Belial:
She represents Pride of the Seven Satans. When she was in heaven, she pumped herself full of drugs so that her body wouldn't fully develop into a female body. She was given the name Belial, which means Worthless and she does her best to be the most useful worthless being she can. But now the only who is allowed to call her that is Lucifer-sama. Mad Hatter disillusions Raphael about the “purity” of angels and that's why Raphael now treats women like dirt. She is totally in love with Lucifer-sama, because he is the only man who doesn't want her, calling her the "rotten and poisonous butterfly".

She represents Wrath of the Seven Satans. She was in love with Lucifer-sama in heaven. In the rebellion against god, Barbelo threw herself in the path of Michael's flame in order to protect Lucifer-sama from being stroke at. Before Lucifer-sama fell, he took Barbelo with him to hell and from there she became one of the Seven Satans. She still loves Lucifer-sama very much and later on dies trying to stop Setsuna from entering Atziluth.

He represents Lust of the Seven Satans and is deeply in love with the butterfly, Belail. Asmodeus has 3 heads, 1 of human and 2 animals' (a goat and a ram. They are what people believe are the heads of Satan makes sence right). He's in his mid-40's and likes to sleep with women just as much as Raphael does. Asmodeus is the one who agreed to sneak Alexiel/Setsuna in to the wedding ceremony of Lucifer's 999th bride, the reason he gave for this was to piss off Belial.

She/he represents Sloth of the Seven Satans. She/he is a failure of god, for god was trying to create another being like Adam Kadamon. This body occupies 2 souls, 1 of Astarte the sister, the other as the brother Astaroth. Lucifer-sama helped them become separated by when Astarte is in use of the body, Astaroth becomes the black snake on her neck. And when Astaroth is in the body, Astarte is the white snake. The brother despises Astarte and keeps on killing her babies that she swallows to fill up her stomach. She tries to turn Kurai into one of her babies but is killed by Prince Abaddon (the son of Lucifer-sama with another bride). Astarte used her last remaining strength chanting a spell that can turn herself into the snake and leaving her brother the body so he can live on normally.

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