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Angel Sanctuary Character Profiles


I usually do not do this for a specific character that I really really like, but this is Lucifer-sama. No Angel or Demon can ever compare to him (well maybe Mika-chan). So here I tell you about Lucifer-sama.

Okay so here is the scope on Lucifer-sama. He is the taller and more cuttier version on Micheal-sama, Archangel of Fire (they are twins after all). Now all Christians should know that Lucifer-sama was a fallen angel who rebeled against God the Creator, well this is the same thing. He became the Lord of Hell, and those angels who fell with him became the Seven Satans.

Lucifer-sama was not actually always like this, his name before he became the Lord of Hell was Lucifel. He also had a pretty high standing in Heaven because he had four wings (only the brightest angels in Heaven have more than two wings -- Adam Kadamon- 6, Alexiel- 3 and Rosiel- 3). His brother, Micheal-sama, thought very highly of Lucifel and it pained him very much when his brother fell (this is one of the reasons why Micheal-sama hates women, was Barbelo was a woman that Micheal-sama actually liked and when she choose Lucifer-sama over him he never really cared for women afterwards).

Now this is where his part in the story comes into play. Lucifer-sama, during the final battle between Rosiel-dono and Alexiel-dono, blood from Rosiel-dono fell on Lucifer-samas body. Also his soul was fused with the Nanatsusaya that Alexiel-dono carried. Also you find out in Volume 19 of the manga that Lucifer-sama was about to kill Alexiel-dono but in the end fell in love with her. But back to more about Lucifer-sama.

After he fell, his body became one with the grounds of Sheol. So whatever happens to his body, it happens to the grounds. For some unknown reason, his body started to expand, and in order to stop it from getting any bigger, they have to sacrifice (feed) pure, innocent brides to Lucifer-sama. His body now is only an empty shell without a soul. A long time ago, a mysterious guy in black cloak/cape/shirt wearing a black mask... basically totally in black came to hell and took Lucifer's soul. The only thing that the mysterious guy said was "the time of our agreement has come. For now, rest in peace, Lucifiel." He had entered so effortlessly as the rows of guards were powerless against him. And just like he came, he went in a gust of wind. Later on, we discover that Kira is the one who now possesses Lucifer's soul.

I am out of breath. So you can see why I love Lucifer-sama so much. You better get back to the rest of the site.

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