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Angel Sanctuary Character Profiles

Gehenna Demons

Kurai is a demon from Gehenna, one of the races of "Evil". She is a Dragon Master. The last of her kind before the Angels came and slaughtered her entire family with the exception of her cousin Arakune. She is extremely loyal to Alexiel who saved her life. Kurai and Arakune set off to earth in search of Alexiel's reincarnated body, eventually they find Setsuna. At first Kurai cares for Setsuna but soon grows to love Setsuna for himself. Mad Hatter, taking the advantage of Kurai's love, tells her that she will revive Setsuna's body if Kurai is willing to be the 999th bride (which is actually 999th pure-blooded person to be fed to Lucifer) for Lucifer. Kurai agrees, but in the end, Arakune takes the plunge in order to protect her. Kurai takes responsibility of Arakune's death and swears that she will lead her people to fight against the Angels.

He (yes it's a HE) is the cross-dressing cousin of Kurai. Arakune is the only surviving family Kurai has left, and he watches over her as a sort of "older sister". Later in the story, we discover that Arakune is really Kurai's older brother but he seeks revenge because their father used him as the decoy in order to protect Kurai. When assassins attack, they attacked him thinking that he may be the next Dragon Master but it is really Kurai. When Arakune discovered that he was a decoy he was filled with sadness and Belial sensed this and came. Arakune soon chooses to serve under her with the identity of his dead cousin, Arakune. Throughout the rest of the story he may seem to hate Kurai, but he really truly cares a great deal for Kurai and ends up saving her life and dies in her place. Becoming one of Lucifer's "brides".

The twin brother of Noise and is in love with Princess Kurai. He has one wing whereas Noise has the other. Voice doesn't like Setsuna and can't seem to see why Kurai is so obsessed with him. He accidentally pulls out the Nanatsusaya out of Setsuna's body and therefore forcing Setsuna's spirit to go into Alexiel's body for a while. Voice held a lot of prejudices, but he then realized that Setsuna is the true Messiah. Arakune finally kills him when he accidentally lurched into his shrine to Lucifer.

She is the older sister of the 2 twins and is very loyal to Kurai. She was once under Mad Hatter's control when she marked Noise the sign of the Demon Lord. One of the demons (a bird/monster/big head thing) was in her body and was killing their people for a while. After Voice's death, She vows revenge on the killer (Arakune) and went to Sheol with Setsuna with the suspicion of Arakune being the killer. She gets her revenge at last when Arakune offers herself to be the 999th bride.

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