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Angel Sanctuary Character Profiles


Adam Kadamon:
Adam is the first angel created by god. A genderless angel who is imprisoned in the Tower of Etemenaki. She/he is said to be the one who holds the ancient powers that are of neither light nor dark and the one known to possess the power to stop time, but we later discover that Rosiel and Alexiel/Setsuna has this power as well. Before earth is about to be destroyed, Adam appears and stops time. She/he is the one who saved Zaphikiel from committing suicide. The reason why he is imprisoned in Etemenaki is because he stopped God from destroying Humanity and God got furious and locked him/her up.

Alexiel - The Organic Angel:
One of the most powerful angels in all of the heavens along with her twin brother Rosiel. She is also said to be the child of Adam Kadamon. She has 3 wings. When she was up in heaven she was in love with God, but Rosiel was his beloved angel. Then one day God disappears, during this time Alexiel leads a rebellion against heaven, but loses. Rosiel had begged her that before he had gone through the "changes", he wants to be killed by Alexiel since he knew what was to become of him if he ever did change. But during the war, Rosiel demanded why Alexiel would want to kill her own brother, and she lost the strength to do so. Before she was captured she sealed Rosiel in earth instead of killing him. Her punishment was that she was to be imprisoned in a crystal and totally inanimate while her soul is trapped forever in an endless of reincarnations and always die a horrible death until the end of the world.

Rosiel - The Inorganic Angel:
He is the younger twin of the Alexiel, and also the opposite of her. He's inorganic, male, and "negative". His beauty is very well known in Heaven, but he does not have the power to stand up to Alexiel. Rosiel realised that when his body starts deteriorating, his mind wouldn't hold out much longer. He begged for Alexiel to kill him when it happened, so that he cannot swallow up the world in his hunger for power. Alexiel found herself unable to kill him, and instead sealed him away in the earth, where Katan later found and revived him. Rosiel is cold, and wants to be loved by his sister and to be called beautiful. Katan wants him to re-organize heaven which is currently under the ruling of Sevotharte, and is making Heaven chaotic. But instead, Rosiel wants to search for his sister and to awake her current incarnation.

Rosiel used to be this really ugly THING when he was born. But Alexiel begged God to give him his own body, which will be born from Alexiel's, as beautiful as she was. The price God demanded from Alexiel was to harden her heart and to never show any emotion towards her younger brother. Alexiel agreed. Up till now, she still kept her promise she made to god.

Rosiel's "son". He was once a Grigori who had no physical form. Rosiel creates a body for him, and for that, Katan is very grateful to Rosiel. He worked his way up to the top layer of heaven in order to be close to Rosiel. Katan eventually became a Cherubim, a member of one of the highest ranks of angels. Katan is the one who used "Angel Sanctuary" to suck people's energy to revive Rosiel from his curse. Rosiel considers him of one of his most beautiful creations. Katan is very fond of Rosiel but doesn't always agree to Rosiel's actions. He continuously refuses to take Rosiel's pill because he doesn't like the way Rosiel controls people, saying: If you feed me your feather, you'll loose the only person who obeys you faithfully.

A very low ranked angel. A ST trainee who was deeply in love with Rosiel and will do anything that Rosiel tells her to. She does not realize that Rosiel was just using her to achieve what he wanted. Kirie's mission was to kill Sara, which she succeeded on doing so, but out of grief, Setsuna unleashed his power which destroyed his surroundings, including Kirie. Her soul wandered to Hades where Uriel finds her and puts her into the body of Doll. She does not remember anything from her past life.

Zaphikiel was the chief of the Thrones (A highly ranked angel). He was branded a fallen angel once because he killed his beloved Anael. Which was a set-up by Sevotharte in order to have more control over Zaphie-kun. (Sevi didn't put him in trial, instead, he made a scar with his own hands on Zaphikiel's chest, so that he will always remember the dept that he owns Sevi.) Just when Zaphie-kun tried to commit suicide by slitting his throat, Adam Kadamon appeared and stopped him of doing so. But Adam Kadamon's radiance blinded Zaphikiel. Zaphie was also the leader of the underground group called "Anima Mundi". His goal was to seek evidence to prove that Sevi is not who he says to be. He then sacrificed himself trying to save Setsuna from being rained upon gunfire. He was brought to a prison and there got his wings cut off. Before Zaphie died, he gave Raziel the leadership of "Anima Mundi". He also left the evidence to Uriel who later used this evidence to reveal Sevi's true self at the trial of Jibrille/Sara.

Raziel is the son of Zaphikiel, which he later finds out when Zaphie-kun is about to die. But before that, he was just known as Zaphkikiel's understudy. He spends most of his childhood in a laboratory being experimented over and over again because of his "abnormal" powers. Zaphikiel saves him by taking him away and treats him kindly. He dedicated himself to Zapkikiel and decides to join the rebel angel's faction- Anima Mundi. Raziel's also an Ion, an angel born from the union between the forbidden love of two angels (Zaphie + Anael). And because of that, he has special powers (he seems to be able to control others, against their will), his eyes turns red everytime he uses his power. He is sent to Hell in order to aid Setsuna. And he's very talented in tea-making...

She was the lover of Zaphikiel and Laila's best friend. She was part of the Sandalphon project, where they created 2 twins: Metatron and Sandalphon, the follow-up project of Alexiel and Rosiel. She quit the project because she felt that Sandalphon was evil. Zaphikiel killed Anael as a set-up by Sevotharte. She was tied up in a room with a "hari" in her neck. Because of that "hari", Anael wasn't able to call out to Zaphikiel. He thought Anael was someone else, like a low-ranked angel or something, so he killed her without knowing it was Anael that he was actually killing.

She was the leader of the Sandalphon project. Because she had the most beautiful voice in Heaven, she often sang to Sandalphon. Her best friend was Anael, Zaphikiel's lover. However, Laila was also in love with him. During the Sandalphon project, she rose to a very high status, many people envied her. A group of men raped her. Nydd Hogg, who was secretly in love with Laila was there when the raping happened. Laila, partly insane, blamed Nydd Hogg for just being there, even though he was TOTALLY innocent. Although Laila was a victim, she was marked on her forehead with the brand of the fallen angel: "Lilith". Desperated, Laila went to Sandalphon for help to destroy the ones involved in the "incident", guilty or not. She then asks to be erased, Sandalphon grants her wish and turns her into Sevotharte. She does not remember her life as Laila, so Sevi, a dictator of Heaven caused the death of Anael and Zaphikiel. Sandalphon raped Laila/Sevi afterwards, because he's in desperate need of a body. When she was about to go insane, the spirit of Nydd Hogg visited her, and told her that he does not blame her for his death. Laila then committed suicide by throwing herself out the window, killing the baby with her.

Known as the "White Angel" because he's always wearing white outfits, his hair is white (and long) and his skin is SUPER pale. Since Metatron is only 3 years old, and the fact that Sevi is Metatron's guardian, he somehow became the ruler of heaven. Sevi is a dictator, and is making heaven chaotic. Sevi is in process of making heaven flawless, he kills angels that are not 100 percent perfect. He hides his face behind a mask because of a mark, and anyone who's unlucky enough to see it dies hastily. At the trial of Jibrille/Sara, Uriel brings out the evidence that proves Sevi to be the Fallen Angel of Laila. Soon later insanity drives Sevi to commit suicide by jumping out the window.

He is this annoying, annoying, annoying kid. All he ever does is ask for Sevi or Jibrille or he'll surround himself with stuffed animals. He's the highest angel in rank after god disappeared. And if he ever DOES grow up, he'll be in charge of heaven. Metatron is the one with the body out of the two. Sandalphon is sealed within his mind and talks to him through Mr. Bunny.

He is the twin brother of Metatron. He's this ugly, ugly thing. He looks rather like a bat than a baby. Sandolphon is the one with the real power and claims to be most powerful, after god. Sandolphon is in desperate need of a body and will do anything to get it. He raped countless girls in order to impregnate them and have them create a body for him. Sandolphon is the one who helped Laila "erase" herself and created Sevi. He is eventually released from his seal and has possesses Metatron's body.

The angel of wind. He's a womanizer who spends most of his time dating and sleeping with girls who has nice bodies. Raphael's also the best healer, or rather, the ONLY healer there is. He would only treat woman with pretty faces, and sleeping with him in return. It would be rather hard to convince him to even treat a man. Raphie-kun is forced by Uriel to perform the resurrection spell on Setsuna's body after he dies. He later resurrects Sara's body. After knowing Sara, Raphie-kun believes that he is in love with her, but later discovers that he loves Barbiel even more.

The angel of Fire. He's really short and has a really bad temper. Anyone who mentions his height or his brother Lucifer would have to suffer the consequences of his temper. Raphael's the only one who seems to be able to control him. He hates girls and seems to go out of his way to make them miserable, unlike Raphie-kun. His pride for his demon hunting is higher than the CN Tower and he gets SUPER pissed when people calls him Mika-chan ^^!

The angel of Water. She worked against Sevi when she was "alive". Because Metatron was obsessed with Jibrille, she became a threat to Sevi, who wanted to rule over heaven. To get rid of Jibrille, Sevi placed a "hari" in Jibrille's neck to force her soul to incarnate into human bodies as Alexiel's soul's Guardian Angel. Sara happens to be the latest reincarnation of Jibrille, so in a sense, she's been spying on Setsuna without knowing that she was doing so. When Metatron pulls out the "hari" from Jibrille's neck, Sara's soul returns to her true body. However, Jibrille only has the memory of her current reincarnation, Sara, she does not remember her life as Jibrille. Sara later returns to her human body with the help of Raphael.

The angel of Earth. He has the one thing that every angel feared, the cursed black wings. Uriel was the judgement-maker and was in love with Alexiel. Out of anger after being rejected, Uriel delivered the harshest punishment there was, having her body and soul separated followed by eternal reincarnation each life doomed to die a violent death. He destroyed his vocal cords as a punishment for himself. (Somehow, powerful angels like Zaphie, Uriel, etc has a habit of cutting their throats) He now lives in Hades with Doll. Uriel recreates a body out of plant cells for Katou and also brings Setsuna back to life by forcing Raphael to revive his body.

Her name was given to her by Sara, because Lily kept on bringing her this plant called Moonliel, but she likes to by called Lily. She was once a Grigori. However, unlike Katan, she was given a body to be a maid in Sevi's castle. Her mind is impaired, she is mentally incapable of thinking of rebelling or disobeying against their creator.

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