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Angel Sanctuary Character Profiles


Mudou Setsuna:
Setsuna is the main character in Angel Sanctuary. He's a tough young high school student who gets into fights very often. Setsuna is the reincarnation of the Organic Angel Alexiel who rebelled against heaven. For that Setsuna is doomed to die a violent death. Although he plays a very important part in the fate of the world he is more concerned about trying to find happiness between himself and his sister, Sara who he has fallen in love with.

Mudou Sara:
Sara is the younger sister of Setsuna. She is also in love with him like he loves her even though they are brother and sister. Eventually she runs away with him in search of happiness. However, when they return home, an ally of Rosiel, named Kirie attacks them. Kirie attacks Setsuna who is off his guard, but Sara jumps in front of him taking the hit that was meant for him and dies. Setsuna, in this time of grief releases his powers to destroy the world. He later travels to Hades to retrieve his sister's soul but he finds that she had be taken to heaven and is eventually placed in the body of Jibrille.

Kira Sakuya:
Kira is Setsuna's best friend and older brother type. He is often stepping in and pulling Setsuna out of fights. Setsuna refers to him as Kira-sempai because he is older. However, Kira is no ordinary boy. He is special in many, many ways. For one thing he is Nanatsusaya, the soul of Alexiel's holy sword. He reincarnates into new bodies and watches over Alexiel's new lives over the years. The cycle has been finally broken when kira killed Alexiel's last reincarnation mercifully.

Katou Yue:
Katou is a friend of Kira. He is very screwed up at home, being kicked out, and thus forth turning to drugs and alcohol to make his life better and make himself relieved of his surroundings. Although Kira tries to convince him to choose another path he does not listen. After when Rosiel awakens he takes possession of Katou's body and attacks Kira. Setsuna awakens momentarily and slashes him with his sword. However, Rosiel leaves Katou's body and Setsuna ends up killing Katou other than Rosiel. His body ended up in Hades, where Setsuna later went to retrieve Sara's soul. In Hades, Katou gets killed and Setsuna goes into his memories and pulls him back, saving his life. Afterwards, Uriel recreates a body for Katou, and he travels to Hell later on to help Setsuna.

Ruri Saiki:
Ruri was Sara's best friend. She was also in love with Setsuna. She asked for Sara's help to get close to Setsuna. Katan attacked part of the Chapel in order to bring out Alexiel, and Setsuna leaped onto Sara to protect her. While Ruri was unprotected, and her eyes badly damaged. After Ruri realised that Setsuna will only love Sara, she spends most of her time in front of the computer playing the game Angel Sanctuary, which offered to make her see again. Rosiel used her body to kill Sara when she was at Ruri's house. But when Sara told her that she was willing to die if that would make her friend happy, Ruri snapped out of it for a while and told her that Rosiel was the one doing all her actions. She would never kill Sara, and ends up saving Sara in the end when Kirie was attacking them.

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