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Welcome to My Happy Lil' Homepage

11/11: So many things about this 'house' picture is wrong (re-enacting the deep freezer incident) but, alas, we did it and there's no turning back...

Life is good but very busy. I realized last weekend that I may be studying too much at the same location because I went in a bit later than usual and was greated by enthusiatic applause from the barista (who I've been calling 'Jen' for quite some time but whose name I just found out is 'Jed'. This wouldn't have been so bad if it was a girl but it's a guy and I was calling him 'JEN'- c'est la vie. Too many people have called me Victoria or Vanessa in life for me to feel badly about the very rare times I slaughter people's names). *Sigh* Fortunately, I'll be done studying this coming Thursday, when I take the GMAT. Then all my grad school apps are due Dec. 1st.

ATTENTION ABOUT THANKSGIVING!!!: Are you staying? Are you tempted to stay? Stay with us!! :) A group of about 10 of us (so far) are cooking Thanksgiving dinner. So far, it's looking like it's going to be only one guy- ;) We welcome more testosterone but any estrogen that would like to come would be more than welcome to as well!! Come on, it's our LAST Thanksgiving that we could have at GU...and it's becomming a tradition for me! So much fun, there will be a variety of activities offered: cooking, games, movies, chit-chat, spooning by the fireplace (yes, that's right- there will be an amazing fireplace!). Oh what fun!

and and and- I got my dream internship- which was the best interview ever. She canceled her other interviews and hired me on the spot! :) I'll be doing a management internship at Shriner's Children's Hospital on South Hill. And, because I'm a nerd, I am going to start it during finals week. Next semester is going to be ridiculously easy. I can not WAIT! I have no school on Mondays/Fridays which leaves me room to visit Kelsey in Boulder for a whole week! (And HoPeFuLlY a Co. Springs native will visit ME in Boulder when I'm there!)

Looking around, I realize this apartment is due for a cleaning... I'm off to go and work on that now. UPDATE about the FAM: After having broken up a year and a half ago, Nicole got re-engaged to Felipe and will be moving to Rio this summer...yes... I know...she's a strange one but she's my sister and I love her.

Wonderful Webbies....

G-o-n-z-a-g-a (I may not be able to PRONOUNCE it correctly but I've got the spelling down!)
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