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A Walk Through Central Park In the Quiet Autumn(Cont'd)

At the Olmsted plaza, named for one of the Park's designers, the benches are more formal and frame the large flower bed. The Mall was designed to be a place where people could reach other parts of the Park easily, as well as a place to walk and sit quietly. It is common to see people on the benches reading, sketching, or looking at maps! You can see Sheep Meadow (the green area) off to the left.

Hi, Wendell!

And look! Its a Vega on a bench! Were on the Christopher Columbus side of the Olmsted flower bed.

Christopher Columbus

The Olmsted plaza has 2 statues facing each other across the flower bed. Here is Christopher Columbus; the other statue is a pensive Shakespeare. I think of Spain, Italy, and Guy's love of literature.

Keep walking!