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Kang Fu


Magazine Issue Rating Comments
AMIGA Computing issue 105 (November) page 74 rates 80% 'you will be really impressed' In the December issue, Kang Fu was voted 'one of the best games of '96'
AMIGA Plus (Germany) July 1997 rates 87% 'Kang Fu ist willkommenes Futter für alle ausgehungerten Spiele-Fans unter den Amiga-Besitzern'
AMIGA Magazin (Germany) November 1996 page 62 rates 85% 'GAME OF THE MONTH'
AMIGA magazine (Holland) nr 42 page 50 + 51 rates 7 includes an interview with us.
Amiga Report #504 16 April 1997 no rating 'Everyone is in agreement that Kang Fu is visually very accomplished'
Amiga Advis (Denmark) April '97, page 32 rates 7


Magazine Issue Comments
Amiga Format July '96 page 32 'Its all extremely well blended together'
CU Amiga Magazine July '96, page 33 'Mouth-watering graphics'
Amiga Computing October '96, page 68 + 69 '.. overall pretty polished with gameplay to match'

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