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You have reached the projects page. My friend, Tara Horii, is a live in pet sitter, and she was my partner for this project. To the right of this page is her with 2 of her dogs, Bubba and D.O.G.

T&T Pet Sitting Service is an imaginary pet sitting service company. The pets are real, but the facilities and clients are made up. Our site consists of the services that T&T Pet Sitting Service Company is offering, pictures of our facilities, prices for the services that we offer, our clients' comments, and a contact sheet. The pages that I constructed were the home page, prices page, and the contact sheet. I was also responsible for editing our site and incorporating flash in our home page. Who knows? Maybe someday, Tara will actually open up her own pet sitting service, and our website can be a good head start for her. Enjoy!!!