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Stressed out?

No clue where to turn?

Everyone faces a difficult and/or confusing situation at some time or another. Keeping your feelings inside can result in headaches, depression, taking your frustrations out on other people, among other things. The best thing you can do is not keep your problems completely to yourself. Discuss them with friends and/or family.

However, some problems may make you uncomfortable to discuss with your friends and family. Or they may be just as clueless about what to do as you are. That's where I come in. Here, you may submit your questions anonymously and I will try my best to help you handle the situation the best way possible.

I just started this site on 10-7-01 and still have a long way to go so bare with me.

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"The future you shall know when it has come; before then, forget it." - Aeschylus

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