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Eyes Open Communications

"Gunboat Diplomacy," ©2000 Eyes Open Photography, digital art almost wholly rendered in Photogenics®, a wonderful paint program for the Amiga platform by Paul Nolan. For years I dinked around with programs like DPaint in 4,069 colors, failing to get what I wanted. Then I 1) bought a 24-bit GVP Spectrum graphics board and 2) bought Photogenics® when I saw Nolan demo it at Amiga2K in St. Louis last year. When he showed how it could "paint with fire," I admit I was hooked. This painting started out as my first experiment -- the triangle, the shaded sphere -- and ended in a sci-fi commentary on my second divorce, I guess... I really dunno what it is. The image of me and my ex wife (used with her permission) was digitized with Digi-View.

I'll be putting up more new work in the future, so stay tuned!

Based in SW Florida, Eyes Open Communications provides professional, comprehensive services in the fields of:

Eyes Open Communications is owned by
Malcolm Brenner
Don Butterfield Studios
An award-winning reporter and professional freelance photographer
Please feel free to contact me, below, with your needs or questions.
Last updated 08-18-09.

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