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Emerson Center for

Spiritual Awakening

New Thought based in ancient wisdom ... 

the timeless teachings of

Religious Science


Dr. Susanne Freeborn, Senior Minister

Rev. Linda S. Siddall, Assistant Minister



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Ancient Wisdom Taught in a Modern Way!

         Here you'll find a warm, caring, and supportive community of friends dedicated to the spiritual growth of each individual...

Emerson Center is a place to share ideas, study spiritual concepts and to learn to experience abundant spiritual living. We honor each individualís path, and we provide a loving environment that teaches from a variety of spiritual sources. Each person is encouraged to grow at their own pace. By applying these practical teachings, individuals learn to choose a better life.

Statement of Purpose

We declare our purpose as friends dedicated to the spiritual growth and abundant life experience of each without exception. We choose to demonstrate this purpose in both this community and those communities in the world in which we participate.

We know that we are each Divine Perfect Spirit.

We recognize and affirm now: God is in each of us, God acts as each of us, and God is all there is.

What We Believe


Contact Information

Our Director, Dr. Susanne Freeborn, with assistance from  Assistant Minister, Rev. Linda S. Siddall, is available for spiritual counseling and prayer, as well as weddings, including commitment ceremonies for same sex relationships.  We offer a variety of blessing ceremonies for your home, your baby, your business and your beloved animal friends. We are similarly available for funeral or memorial services.  

We also offer workshops and coaching in the areas of creativity, leadership and personal growth. 

Postal address
141 Wellesley Crescent Circle #312, Redwood City, California 94062
Electronic mail
Our Director: Dr. Susanne Freeborn

Dr. Susanne Freeborn is an Associate Member of the Affiliated New Thought Network.


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Warmly Celebrating Spiritual Growth and Abundant Life in an Open Community

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