You have just entered my online turf
known as Ellyn's CyberCity....
Tread lightly and enjoy your stay!

This strange new world known as cyberspace
lured me in with a beacon so bright
I headed in backwards, eyes wide open,
but ever so slowly at first...

Now I am a seasoned traveler.....

Come along with me on my journey and visit
some of my favorite haunts........

The places I lead you to may unravel the cybermystery of the enigma which is me.

Here are some of my favorite links

America's Most Wanted
Follow along with your favorite television show
and help John Walsh catch the bad guys
Receive a free weekly newsletter.

American Greetings OnLine
A kewl greeting card site to send cards to all your friends.

Arresting Images
Mugshots of the rich and famous who’ve landed in the pokey.
Superstar Athletes, Hollywood Starlets and Stars, Musicians, and Gangsters chronicle the rich assortment of American misbehavior.

Backstage Pass
Backstage Riders of over 134 acts.
The contract rider includes specifications on stage design, sound systems, lighting rigs, as well as an artist's wish list--from transportation and billing to dressing room accommodations and meals. Here are the more 'demanding' ones.

Beatgreets Free Music Greetings
Send someone a free private music concert
from the egreetings network.
Every type of music is available.

Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards
Send your friends free animated musical greeting cards from the electronic world of Blue Mountain Arts.

BuzzTime NTN Trivia OnLine
Play Trivia online at this Site!
Same NTN game played at bars everywhere.

CIAC Internet Hoaxes
Read up on the latest internet hoaxes, urban legends, scams, and virus scams at this government site that EXPOSES Internet Hoaxes as they are uncovered.

How does 24 hours of nonstop Grateful Dead tunes sound????
Click here to find out.

E-bay Classified auctions
An adictive online internet auction to buy and sell anything.

GIF Animation Station
A webmaster's paradise. Find the perfect gift...I mean GIF
at this incredible haven for images.
If there is a picture of it, you will find it HERE.

Goodies' HTML Primers
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about this strange new "language" in over a hundred "easy" steps....

Guess the SitCom Character
Play against the computer...
You CAN'T win!!!!......
Answer the 'puter's simple questions and try to stump it.....

Internet Movie DataBase
If you want to know more about movies than you ever thought possible, stop on by and look up your favorite Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, or even better, the world famous thriller: DELIRIUM, written by my brother Rick and featuring a cameo by yours truly

Internet Pizza Server
Make your own cyber pizza at this oddball site!
Your choice of toppings includes more than you can imagine.

Justice Files-Mike Chapel's Page
Read about Mike Chapel, a police officer wrongfully imprisoned for murder, as shown on Dateline-NBC. Check frequently for updates, and watch for the soon-to-be-made motion picture.

Lyric Find
Find and print out lyrics to any song, by typing in only a few
keywords or a phrase from the song.
Can locate any artist or album title.

Movie Cliches
This is a list of the most annoying and common logic
flaws and stereotypes found in movies.

Oh My Goodness!!!
Unusual Offbeat Website! Great Cards, Cartoons, Streaming
audio and video, jokes, and animations
.....Not for those easily offended.

Funny Stuff
As wild as the link above..Cartoons and Jokes...

Shocked Site of the Day you'll need Shockwave)
Download Shockwave free and take a spin here
for shocked animation and music galore.

Have fun making your very own road signs at this wacky site.
Personalize with your own name, city and state.

Slightly Off Center
A presentation of USA Today News
Slightly off-center, weird, offbeat and unusual news stories.

South Park Wav Site
Join Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Chef
and the rest of the South Park Gang
See and hear your favorite wav. files and realvideos...

The Ultimate Taxi
See the world famous Ultimate TaxiCam from the inside out
Located inside a decked-out taxicab, this webcam rules....
Celebrity photos, and more.

Valley Girl Url Translator
This operates exactly like a foreign language translator.
Works best at Online Message Boards and Web Pages.
Put any URL into the locator box at this site and it will translate
it into incredibly realistic Valley Girl Talk.

Virtual Vacation
Create an adventure and send yourself and friends
on a scenic virtual mini cybervacation
Almost as much fun as being there.......NOT

Web Site Garage
Tune Up your Web Site at this Cyber Garage.
This is a real eye-opening experience for all website owners.

Weekly World NewsMagazine
As crazy as the newspaper, NO, even more so!
Find out what's up with Howard Stern and other zany news...

xxx-rated Funny Photos and Cartoons
Paul Cobbaut's Home Page has truly outrageous photographs and cartoons!

.....don't be a stranger, bookmark this page and duck back in real soon...

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first copyright© 1999 ~ ellyn hloben ~

updated april 3rd, 2012