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I have finally finished my Barbie Boy Project on January 20, 2003! Here are all 60 of my Barbie Dolls. I have given each of my Girlz a different name to distinguish them from one another. Each Girl is dressed in a different outfit. I even posted the 9 Ken Dolls that I own. I also gave each of my Boyz a different name to distinguish them from each other.I know that some of the pics are fuzzy. It's not easy using the primitive stuff I used to take these pictures. I hope you enjoy my Girlz and Boyz. 69 in all. I had fun doing this little project.


Alexis, Barbie, Christie, Denise, Ebony, Fatima, Ginger, Heather, Ivonne, Jade, Kira, Lark, Miao Yin, Naomi, Opal, Pandora, Qu, Raye, Savannah, Teresa, Uma, Valerie, Wanda, Yolanda, Xanadu, Zeta.
Ami, Becky, Claudette, Diedre, Erin, Felicia, Gisselle, Hillary, Ivy, Jasmine, Kismet, Ling, Monique, Nora, Olivia, Patrice, Quinn, Rose, Socorro, Tyra, Usagi, Vivian, Xoshinoro, Yvette, Zoe.
Ayanna, Bianca, Cyana, Dorian, Estella, Francesca, Graciela, Holly.
Ken & Da' Boyz
Austin, Brian, Carlos, Dante, Ethan, Fernando, Giovanni, Jimmie, Ken.

I Don't know any legal stuff. Barbie, Becky, Christie, Ken, Kira, Teresa, her friends and names are all Property of Mattel. This is my private collection of Barbie Dolls. I hope I'm not doing anything Illegal by using the name Barbie.