Anna: "I'm gonna kick your ass!"
Matt: "Nice try...."
Emily: "You guys are lame..."

Blondes+Frozen Pizza+2:00am+No knowledge of
telling whether something is plastic or not=Melted Pizza
cutter and a brunette smacking herself for leaving the 2 blondes alone.

Matt: "Lets make Anna a retard like us!"
Emily: "Mkaaaay."
Anna: "Ahhh Attack of the Killer Retards!"

Anna: "I love you Laura Poo!"
Laura: "I love you too Anna B!"

Emily: "OMG, I look like a woofer!"
Anna: "Oh shut up Emmz and take the pic."
Laura: "Yeah Em, you look PURDYFUL!"

PaGe 3 ---------->
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