Here's some COOL ass pictures of all of our close friends and us! The pics were all scanned by Laura! Click her name to visit her site. The captions were made up by Emily and Anna. Click on the picture to see the larger version of it. ENJOY!

Anna and Emily: "Stick em up you fagtard!"
Matt (Lookin at Laura takin the pic): "Ohh
Laura looks sexy with a camera..."
**Note: Although it may seem like Emily
was pickin her nose, there was no nose
picking in the process of takin this pic"

Cassie: "Oh yeah! I'm cool, I'm hangin with the old people!"
Sam: "Goddamn, Anna is so white compared to me!"
Anna: "Take the damn pic and lets go SWIMMIN!"

Matt: "Yeah it was good!"
Anna: "What's with the hand there?"
Emily: "Do we LOOK like retarded fagtards to you??"

Matt: "WTF?"
Anna: "I am a sex machine...!"
Emily: "OMG STOP! Or else I'm gonna smack
you across the face!"

Matt: "'re not Laura!"
Anna: "Yeah no shit Sherlock."

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