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Celebrity Quoteables

Ever wondered what fellow actors and actresses thought about Heath?

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"Heath is incredibly generous and has a huge heart. He's a real people person and fits into any situation or any group of people." ~Rose Byrne, co-starred with Heath in "Two Hands"

"Heath's sexy, but it's not an I'm-better-than-you kind of sexy. He's so much fun to be around because he doesn't try to play it cool." ~Julia Stiles, co-starred with Heath in "Ten Things I Hate About You"

"He does his stuff really well, he's got a real good screen presence and a lot of talent. He's more mature than I was at that age. He seems more worldly, seems to know his way around." ~Mel Gibson, co-starred with Heath in "The Patriot"

"He's so funny. You'd expect him to be more serious, but he isn't at all. He's hilarious. And it was cool to kiss him. He's so cute." ~Lisa Brenner, also co-starred with Heath in "The Patriot"

"Heath Ledger is frighteningly young and frighteningly intelligent. He's a very hard worker, very devoted [and] not a bit spoiled or pretentious."~Mark Addy, co-starred with Heath in "A Knight's Tale

"He's walking around with a $40 million plus film on his shoulders like he's been doing it all his life. I just have to laugh at those posters, though. They make him look so butch." ~Paul Bettany, co-starred with Heath in "A Knight's Tale"

"He's awesome! He's really, really charming, sexy, and just himself and natural, and he made it very easy for me to work with him." ~Shannyn Sossamon, co-starred with Heath in "A Knight's Tale"

"He's good looking...but beyond that, I think he has a strong sense of himself....but it's especially amazing in someone so young, because usually male stars don't develop that kind of thing until their thirties." Brian Helgeland, director of "A Knight's Tale"

"I think heís an old soul, because if he was not an old soul I donít think he could have given the performance he gave in this film." Shekhar Kapur, director of "The Four Feathers"

"I was blown away by Heath. He's very intense and so supportive."~Naomi Watts, Heath's girlfriend and co-star in his upcoming move, "The Kelly Gang"