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Don't be thrown off by the Spanish--my site is mostly in English (pero hablo alguno español si quieres escribirme--mi dirección de correo-e es al fin de esta página). This is mostly my Spanish verb tense book (I made it for Spanish class) which I think contains information on all the tenses. To view a tense simply click on it below. We now have Spanish Indirect and Direct object pronuns!!!
I have also decided to add verb tense notebooks for French, Japanese and German because I am studying those languages also. I may also add other grammar points.

Not sure what tense you need? Click "navagation/links" below and enter the general translation (will have) or a conjugated verb (habré. If you are uncertain of accents use the fuzzy search and write the verb up to the accent in question (habr=habré or after it(bamos=íbamos).


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My friend's writing and gaming blog, check it out!

A little bit of info about 3 common words for "I" in Japanese.
My Spanish-derived conlang and some others I am working on
The Lepidopteran Isles Tourism Bureau (fixed the bad link). Contains information on my conlang and conculture and resources for making your own language.

*All emails must now contain "Spanish" or "español" in the subject to avoid deletion. I can still be reached by AIM or Yahoo! Messenger (chicaidioma). Correos-e tienen que tener "español" o "Spanish in el subjeto. Puedes hablar conmigo por AIM o Yahoo! Messenger (chicaidioma)
Email: mi correo-e es chicaidioma y está en Yahoo!. (chicaidioma at yahoo dot com)
AIM name: Lunamoth1

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