OWNERS: Jo Witt and Nikole Witt (my daughter)


Hartz Case #: 266947


Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Drops

For Dogs and Puppies

Weighing 31-60 lbs.



Vet Bills:


06/29/10-07/01/10                           $256.20

07/20/10                                               160.15

07/23/10-07/26/10                             493.53




Purchase of Replacement Breeding Male (puppy):


Puppy Purchase Price:                       $300.00

Puppy Shots                                             91.50

     (09/01/10 & 09/21/10)

AKC Registration (required                  20.00

     for selling AKC register-                                                $411.50

     able puppies)



Lost Litter Income:


Would otherwise have                                                         $875.00

     had litter born

     February '11 - at

     time of Lucky's

     passing were breeding

     Sheltchow designer

     breed puppies -

     average litter size of 5,

     selling price $175 each


NET LOSS DUE TO LUCKY'S PASSING:                                                 $2196.38






OWNERS: Jo Witt and Nikole Witt (my daughter)


Hartz Case #: 266947


Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Drops

For Dogs and Puppies

Weighing 31-60 lbs.



06/29/10 AM   - Lucky was foaming at mouth, shaking head side to side, spacey, does not

understand usual commands.  Took to vet.  Was informed he was poisoned.  Questioned regarding possible poison exposures.  No known exposure to poisons other than recent application of Hartz flea and tick drops.  Left Lucky with vet.  Phone call from vet later to inform Lucky had had at least two seizures.  Anecdote given at least twice.


06/30/10          - Phone call from vet.  Lucky still shaking head some and weak.  Believed to be

stable now, but vet recommended leaving there another night.


07/01/10 PM   - Brought Lucky home from vet.  Spacey and seeking much attention. 

Personality changes.  Memory loss.  Forgot being house broken - having accidents in the house.  Forgot he and another male dog hate each other - must protect him.  Is eating and drinking, although very slowly.


07/20/10          - Took Lucky to vet - past few days not eating or drinking despite coaxing.

Lethargic.  Lays in one place and rarely gets up.  Weak.  Noticeably heavy breathing.  Vet took x-ray - fluid in lungs.  Vet did blood work to ascertain damage from poisoning.  Extremely low platelet count.  Gave antibiotics and Prednisone.


07/23/10          - Returned Lucky to vet - no improvement.  Kept Lucky there.  Blood work

showed platelets are now completely depleted.  Presumed bone marrow damage due to poisoning, resulting in platelets no longer being produced.


07/24/10          - Visited Lucky at vet.  Never raised head to look at my daughter and me.  Sad

eyes.  Obviously does not feel well.  Call from vet indicated would try changing meds because current meds were not working.


07/25/10          - Phone call from vet.  Indicated no hope Lucky would get better and

recommended putting him to sleep.  Daughter insistent Lucky not be put to sleep.  Decided to wait it out in hopes there was yet hope.


07/26/10 AM   - Phone call from vet - Lucky had passed away over night.

Died due to internal bleeding - blood like water without platelets - platelets depleted due to bone marrow damage from being poisoned.














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