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"Weeping may go on all night,
But in the morning there is JOY!"
-Psalm 30:5b


Ask Dr. Laurel
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Dr. Laurel Jones, PhD, MA, BA
Clinical Psychologist

Specializing in Depression, Grief,
& Spirituality

13 Years Clinical Practice

Dr. Laurel recognizes the value of the individual and tailors therapy accordingly. The goal of therapy is to assist the client in finding his/her own best solutions to life's challenges. This is accomplished through email interactions. The anonymity of email contacts can assist clients in being more open and honest expressing their feelings. This open honesty can better assist clients in getting to the root of their problems, enabling the discovery of more effective solutions.

06/01/11 - ~ NEW ~ Dr. Laurel will now offer instant message (IM) therapeutic sessions via yahoo messenger by appointment only. Choose between half-hour or full-hour sessions. After payment is received, email Dr. Laurel with possible dates and times of your availability for the session, after which she will email you back with a chosen appointment time based on your availability in relation to hers.

Remember….your burdens are lighter when they are shared. Locked up inside of you, they eat away at your soul. Life is a journey, filled with many mountains and valleys. Sometimes there are many more "valleys" than mountaintop experiences. And sometimes it can be very hard to pull yourself out of the valleys, especially when they are too deep and too prolonged, which wearies the soul.

"Weeping may go on all night, but in the morning there is joy" (Psalm 30:5b) - there are times of darkness/night when life is dreary and challenging and hard to see that there will ever be a way out - BUT - there is hope. In time, life always gets better….."morning" does come when the light of the day can again radiate your soul.

If you are in a dark place in your life, help is available. Life is not meant to go alone. There are people who care, and Dr. Laurel is here to help. Are you ready to begin your quest to rediscover the "morning" again?

You are encouraged to be very expressive in your email therapy sessions, to make the most of each. One complaint clients at times have with clinical sessions is feeling like the one hour time limit doesn't always give them adequate time to express all that they wanted to. With email, there is no time limit - say as much as you want to. And in return I will attempt to reply thoroughly to each email, to give you your money's worth, with a usual response time of within 24 hours.

All payments are made on-line via PayPal (click on BUY NOW button below ).

Rediscover the "morning" - Let's get started today....

One (1) Therapeutic
Emailed Response:

One (1) Half-Hour Therapeutic Instant Message Session
via Yahoo Messenger:

One (1) Full-Hour Therapeutic Instant Message Session
via Yahoo Messenger:

(Fees Effective As of 06/01/11)

After payment is received, Dr. Laurel will email you to let you know your payment has been received so that you can begin your email therapy sessions with her. If you have general questions regarding this service, you can write to Dr. Laurel at: AskDoctorLaurel@gmail.com .

Correspondence with Dr. Laurel is confidential and only read by her. When corresponding with Dr. Laurel, only disclose your first name (or an assumed name), for confidentiality purposes. Do not disclose your location, unless you are requesting assistance finding local counseling resources, in which case only disclose town and state. As with any site, please use caution disclosing identifying information on the internet.

Users of this service agree to indemnify Dr. Laurel from any and all liable pursuits. Information and advice are given to the best of Dr. Laurel's knowledge and training; however, no advice is always the best advice for all individuals. Dr. Laurel's intent is to help individuals to better cope with life and its challenges, and will make every effort towards this goal.

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