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"the little things in life
usually go unnoticed,
but at the end of the day
it's those little things
that put a smile
on your face."

"nothing is beautiful
from every point of view"

"no one is perfect until
you fall in love with them"

"The only lasting beauty
is the beauty of the heart."
-robert frost

'it takes only a minute
to get a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone,
and a day to love someone
but it takes a lifetime
to forget someone'

"who could ask for more,
than to live in a moment you would die for"

"life is not measured by
the number of breaths you take
but by the moments
that take your breath away"

"the Bible is bread for daily use,
not cake for special occasions."

dream as if you'll live forever.
live as if you'll die today. - james dean

"do what you can, with what you have,
where you are." - theodore roosevelt

"unspoken love is like a poison
if you keep it to yourself
for a long time, it will consume
you from the inside"