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old journals.

it is wednesday again and im not liking this week at all..ive had way too many tests and work to do...and i have so much to do for like next week and i just cant get motivation to do at work now. and i hve 82340328 million work orders to type and it just isn't going to be fun. i went to USC on monday..i like it alot..i need a new major though.

even though its only wednesday i can tell that this week isn't going to be too bad. its been going pretty fast. and i had a really really good weekend...not that i did anything special i just had a good time. no one prob. cares what i did but i will write it in here anyway: friday andrew b and aaron came over at like 5 and we hung out and made dinner until 10 then we met everyone to see black hawk down. it was a good movie. and josh hartnett look beautiful as usual. then saturday some of us went to eat chinese then to walmart...then to lauras game..then i had people over to my house...we watched fight club. i liked that movie. it was really confusing but it was good. i think ill watch it a second time and then ill understand it better. or thats what everyone says. well yea...sunday i went to was my moms birthday.. we went out to eat and i hung out with her for a while...when had a party and whatnot for her..then i went back to youth. after amber and i went over to the kerrigans. ian was down and he had some friends down so we hung out with them for a long time. it was really good to see him again and all his friends were really cool. amber spent the night and then in the morning we met up with the kerrigans again and some people from church and played soccer. it was a good time but i hadn't ever played before. well after we had a cookout..then i went to a birthday party and then i went to lauras and we went to applebees with cameron, john, jason, luara and andrew. later i went to taebo. i almost died. well i know everyone liked my detailed account of my weekend. but yea...this week has been going good. i haven't had much homework at all..just like continous studying and an essay on cloning. its due tomorrow. i hope i get a good grade. this is one of the longest entries that i have made in a while. but i am just filling everyone in...on what they dont want to know...blahblah...this just going to do school work and go to taebo...i think lindsey and i are going to start doing tae kwon do next month. i will probably stink alot and then quit. but oh well- we will see.. i might like it alot. i think it will be fun to wear the pants. : ) there is a new girl at my school...her name is kim and she is from new york..she is in my art class..she now sits with us at lunch......patrick asked me to room with him and brian next year. that would be alot of fun but i dont think that my mom would go for that though. whatever.

"i really need you tonight... forever is going to start tonight..." im extemely happy that today is going to go home and take a nap.. im almost done with all my work and that is good. only one more hour until i can go home...patrick, kate, and jonathan rhodes are my friends..they are the only ones who left me sweet messages when i asked for them on my away message. kate loves me, patrick thinks im special and jonathan smiled at me. : ) haha. whatever. someone just called on the phone and they were mean. grr...last night we had a friends party at aarons. it was a good time. i am rachel, laura is monica, andrew w. is ross, shay is pheobe, aaron is joey, and jonathan is chandler...or somehting like that. so. recap it for anyone who didn't watch it last night.i am having a baby girl...aaron likes me and can't tell me b/c i am having andrew w.'s baby and we are friends. laura can't keep secrets and jonathan takes alot of bathes now. ..after friends we watched wu tang masters which happens to be one of the best movies ever. not. it was funny as crap though. esp. the part when they burn the girls butt with tabacoo and then when they fight with their long braid...and then that lady washes his hair for him..and gets all the blood out. it was really action packed and had a really good story line to it...or no story line at all. whatever you want it to have. i think people are going to see black hawk down if anyone wnats to come. well go at the 10 o'clock time at movies 8. im off to file things now. adios.

this week is going by extremly extremly slow. patrick is mrs. susie by the transitive property.

alexis gave me a ring today....she is sweet. i am now to give to to some one else. it was given to her from danielle and then to brad and then back to her and then to me. i think ill give it to laura. im thirsty. im going to get a dr. pepper now.

mondays are never my favorite...for some reason i could not go to sleep last night and so now i am at work trying to stay awake. the same thing happened to laura..with the exception that she woke up at 330 because her dad was chopping up vegetables. i think i would be very upset if i was woken up in the middle of the night to my dad chopping vegetables. well yea...nothing exciting has happened today at all. im at work and i just now finished all the stuff i had to do for today..i dont know why i am having so much work to do. i am about to look for articles on diabled people in the workforce. i am writing an essay about that for a scholarship and it is due tomorrow. everyone wish me good luck. i have like 3 more essays to do in the coming weeks for scholarships and 2 for school. blah. i hate school. another thing i hate is lunch....having lunch at school causes me to eat way too much and i really dont like it at all. i eat at school, then i come to work and eat and it just isn't a good combination. tonight ill be kickboxing maybe ill work it all off. i will resume now to looking for articles now.

im so happy that it is the weekend... but all that i can think about is how in an hour and a half i am going to go home and sleep on my bed. im extremely tired...i slept through 2 classes today. nice. i haven't updated this junk in forever and let me try to wrap everything up.....i went to georgetown and had a GREAT time...i got to see lots of my old friends and get to know alot of people better that i was just an aquaintance with...then i came home after 3 days and hung out with everyone...then it snowed...and i didn't do anything for 2 days because of power went out for 1 whole was terrible....then a couple days later i went on a ski trip with my church, st. pauls and old fort to w. virigina.. it was alot of fun. laura came and amber was there. we had a really good room of girls. the speaker was really good and it was all just really good. we went back to school on has been okay so far.. nothing great...nothing terrible. i have lunch now...its alright. its cool to get to sit with ivy and laura and all but i just hate being their one extra period. government has been pretty boring so far also. i've fallen asleep everyday so far in there. well yea...nothing new has been going on...ive just been going to school, work , and kickboxing......i just got a wedding proposal. patrick mcclauglin and i are going to get married on the 22nd of june. i hope its pretty.. well im going to look up scholarships now. bye.

it's snowing!!!!!

tuesday morning.(haha)
happy new year!!

im in georgetown now at makemies. she is in the shower. i got here at like 1. we've just been hanging out and visiting people. haven't seen too many people yet though. we are goign to go to some girl named Kloo's birthday party tonight so everyone can get drunk and ill just sit there ...but its cool. i will get to see all my old friends so that will be good. i think we are going to get somethign to eat in a minute. last night i went to john's. it was alot of fun. i havent jumped on a trampoline in a really long time. jonathan, thomas, jared and i layed on it and watched the sky. the clouds were really pretty last night. aren't we emo. sike. we watched joe dirt and i fell asleep and when i woke up i had pillows and crap all over me...oh well. i had a really good time. everyone is goign to mrytle beach this weekend and for new years :( someone in summerville needs to have a party. well im off to take a shower.

its friday, finally. new years is almost here. i hope that we do something fun for new years. who wants to have a party? john is having a party tonight. it should be alot of fun. i may even spend the night. its only 1130 right now and im already dying to go home. ill go home in like 30 minutes for lunch but then i have to come back at 1 for 2 more hours and just sit here. im still working on my page but it doesn't really seem to be going anywhere. i made a poll thing today but it is not working. what the crap. it was a good one too..about who do you want to punch in the face the most. gosh, i am hungry and bored. everyone online right now is away. how queer. ohwell. i hope everyone enjoys their weekend. happy new years. bye.

thursday again
crap. my counter on my first page got deleted. : ( now it looks like i have no friends. cry. just kidding. i just got back from bagel nation with lindsey. it was nice. it smells of gasoline in here now b/c some guy came in and called me sweetie and then wrote a note. anyway im just going to sit here some more like usual. until 4. and try to work on this junk a little more. adios.

wow..alot has happened since i last wrote in this junk. this break has been really good. i haven't really done much but oh well.. it still has been great. im really enjoying this no school thing. i think i hate school. i dont want to get my report card. dangit. well i hope everyone had a very merry christmas. i did. i got an easy bake oven. :) only after 25 years of wanting one. well yea, i got lots of money, a ski trip, a camera with lots of film, gift certificates, tennis stuff, jewelry, shoes, etc. i wanted a vcr...oh well i think im going to buy one with some of the money i got. maybe tomorrow. today after work i think im going to go to old navy and then at 7 lindsey and i are going to kickboxing..then i dont know what. andrew b and chris will be back from orangeburg so possible somethign with them. last night a group of us watched "made" at lindseys. i think i hate that movie. it was a ganster movie. jonathan and lindsey fell you know it was really good. christmas day we all got together and played games at josh' was fun. even though everytime we played mafia..i got killed..if not first...second. gay. oh well...i almost won at balderdash..if that counts for something...the 2 nights before christmas..i went to the movies. wow, i am cool. but riding in cars with boys was a very good movie. it made me cry. and i got to see spencer that night so it was nice. i hadn't seen him in forever. hands are cold. i just turned the heater on at work and it stinks. blah. yesterday i went to the mall with laura, bubba, joe, and edward...they are fun. i got alot of good stuff. : ) well i hope you all have a good day. byebye.

12.21.2001 (4 days until christmas)

12.20.2001 (5 days until christmas)
exams=through. oh yea. im so happy.. i went to school today in my pjs. and then i came home at 930 and went back to sleep. it was nice. then genie wenie, pam and i went to blimpies...then i came to work. its a little crazy over here. they are funny. cindys packages are all lost and going to different package got dropped off at the haunted house down the road so stephen and i just went down there and snooped around. no one answered the door. it was left the by blue cooler in the garage..and we found the blue cooler but not the package. so it has to be in the house. stephen and i are going to go back soon. this is a mystery movie. im gay..oh well...hannah, lindsey and aaron dropped by earlier made me happy. aaron was dancing and being all weird and my boss was laughing at him. : ) they had just gotten back from taco bell and they stole some apples off the christmas tree. they stole me one too. how sweet. we all have them on our keychains now. well ill update this later with what happens at the haunted house. adios.

no more work for today in 30 minutes. and no more school after 9 tomorrow. heck yea. i went shopping today and i got lots of stuff. for myself-3 pants, 2 shirts, and perfume...for others- a gift certificate, lip gloss, and bracelets. cute. from my secret santa at work i got a picture frame- it is small and silver. cute. i got a special surprise today. i was sitting at my usual. and lindsey walked was the first time she ever came to my work. she brought me a bagel. it was nice...b/c i was hungry and i hadn't eaten a frazzle in a long time. well...after work im going home to get christmas packages together and then study and then go to taebo...then ill probably return to my house and do some more studying. im just ready for it to be 9 tomorrow. and ill be happy. well...i hope everyone is having a good day. bye.

10 minutes until i get off work and i cant wait. no more school and only one more exam. i got a 98 in forensics and im not sure about spanish yet..but hopefully i did well. i did fall asleep in the middle of it though. i dont know was extremely boring so that might be why. and then then kept drifting off thinking of other crap for like 5 mintues at a time. today i am going to start kickboxing. it will be alot of fun. and i will get skinny and all. i plan to go today, tomorrow and thursday. and practically everyday it is open during christmas break. lindsey is going to accompany me. after school i took joe home and then me, lindsey, hannah and jordan went to subway..brad, tony and amy came too and ate with us. it was a good time then i just came to work...i need to go shopping now but i wont have time to go today..i think im just going to go tomorrow mornign at 9 when it opens and then come to work later. well anyway. i just got some work so i better do that before i go home. byebye.

no more days of school left!! just 3 exams. 2 manana and 1 thursday. yes. im so ready for them to be finished. it will be great. for some reason i am not worried about taking exams and i have absolutely NO motivation to study what so ever. which probably isn't a good thing AT ALL. oh well. ill make myself do it. i think my spanish one is going to kick my butt. i hope everyone had a nice weekend. i did. friday i went to christinas party. it was cool. lots of people showed up. lots of different groups. but it was still nice. after...we went to play football...well the boys played and me, laura, and hannah watched. saturday i met aaron at goodwill and dropped off some crap ....then i went to citadel mall with patrick em. it was nice b/c i hadn't seen him or talked to him in awhile. i actually got alot of presents taken care of. now i just need to figure out what i want for christmas. that night a bunch of us went to see "don't say a word" at the dollar movie and then went to brooks house after. it was a really really good movie. i liked it alot. and someone in the middle of the movie dripped and fell out of the door. it was funny. we talked alot and pissed all the old people off in the movie. oh well. i hope everyone has a great day. im goign to read my magazine about yoga now. byebye.

my eyes hurt alot. i dont know what the deal is. they have been hurting alot lately. and watering for no reason. what the! i am SOO glad that today is friday. only 1 more day of school left and then 3 exams. heck yea. im off. have a good weekend.

today has been a really long day. im still at work and i hate school. that about sums it up. but i do think i love mrs. shillabeer now. she told us toget out our study guides (which she gaves us the answers to) and told us to put our names on it and pass it up. that was our test. i was SOO happy, you dont know. and she is letting us have a party monday. nice. i am happy. have a good day now. good luck to the powder puff girls. i will be attending with "mi novio aaron" as mrs. mercer said this morning. what?!?! just kidding. today is shays birthday (john just told me ) happy birthday to her and johns mom. goodbye.

today has been a pretty good day. i get off work in 45 minutes and then i have to do a skit in spanish about tennis. what fun. i am making the posters right now. anyway..last night i went to kickboxing with lindsey. i think it is my new favorite thing. i hope to be skinny soon. stephanie, her mom, kristin davidson, harvey, and abbey hartman were there. lots of people go. i believe i will start in january or during christmas break or something. the instructor guy likes to call me soccer and loud me out because ive never done it before. he held my leg on this one exercise for me b/c i suck. oh well. i will be good. lindsey and i discussed doing karate. i would love it. i just dont know if i would have the time to do it. anyway. i need to get back to my posters so i will have everything done when i get off work. have a good day. 13 days until christmas. 3 days of school left and 3 exams and im done with school. bye.

things are really starting to pile up and its still early in the week. im just ready for exams to be over with. only a week and 2 day and i will be THROUGH!! thankgoodness. good luck to all the college kids who have theirs this week. im sure you will all do fine. i get off work in 2 hours and im counting them down. i hope today will be a success. i need to finish an essay and study for spanish and economics. and possibly work on a painting. have a good day.

mondays are never the best. but nothing bad has happened yet. it is raining though and that makes me want to go to sleep which isn't a good idea because i have SOO much stuff to do. i have to write an essay today and do a drawing and i have lots of spanish homework. blah. oh well. today i was informed that the one of the librarians wants to buy one of my pots. wow, i think i feel special. am i famous now? im not sure if i want to let her have it though b/c i really like it alot. it is not my favorite but it might be my 2nd favorite. anyway. im off to do some homework. adios.

im so glad today is friday. i get off work in 20 minutes. yes. then im going to play tennis with mary. i haven't played in a while. this will be interesting. well i hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. bye.

im proud of myself, ive updated this 2 days in a row. that is good. today is just another boring day. i have 2 more hours left at work. i need to start studying for spanish b/c i have a big test in there tomorrow and i have alot of stuff to do when i get home. today is caroling in spanish downtown summerville, what a blast. i think i am going to feel real dumb, oh mom is going to bring me some bread in a minute. yay. its my favorite. well im going to go now and look at my homework. goodbye.

my english tests are finally over. yea. im so glad. now all i have to worry about is my art projects and a test in espanol on friday. i think today i am going to go over to stephanies to start one of my art projects. i am going to paint her backyard. i think it will be pretty, i hope atleast. today has been a good day. i did probably fail my forensics test though. i also broke 2 bottles that i was drawing in art, but somehow it has still be good. econ was actually interesting today for once, and i am now the student of the month. :) i got lots of good stuff too. i was pleased. well im going now to finish up my work and then start on my spanish homework. tiene un bien dia. adios.

i have lots of work to do today. it will not be fun. but i hope everyone else has a great day. bye.

hello. today is just another miserable monday. for some reason i was incapable of sleeping last night. i think i drank too much dr. pepper. i stayed up and watched you've got mail. that movie is a classic. tom hanks is the best. i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving break. mine was great. i didn't really do anything or get anything accomplished but it was really really nice to be out of school and all. thanksgiving on friday was good. im glad that everyone came. it was like old times. i miss those days. well im going to get back to work now. byebye.

i should probably take this journal off because i always forget to write in it. oh well. today is the day before thanksgiving. i can't wait to eat pumpkin pie. it is my favorite. well alot has happened since i've updated this last....let's see.. my birthday. i can buy cigarrettes now. yes. just kidding. i went skydiving. laura, jordan and stephanie threw a suprise party for me, alexis, and steph. it was great. i love them. thank you (again). well i have to go now. have a great thanksgiving. goodbye.

today is 4 days until my birthday. sorry i haven't updated this lately but i've been really busy at work and with my research paper. it is due tomorrow though and i am going to be extremely relieved. i can't wait. well im going to make photocopies of my sources now. goodbye.

10 days until my birthday.

today has gone by SO slow. i'm just ready to go home. im really tired today and i have alot to do. i'm getting really behind on my research paper. i hate that crap. i need to go to the store to get some notecards and gum. exciting. i also need to get gas. laura, me and maybe katie hodge are going to go downtown to cumberlands to watch stanleys story play. you all should attend also. it should be fun. it starts at 10 so i think i am going to be be really tired tomorrow. oh well, it will be worth it. im going now to read books about art therapy. have a good day.

monday. blah. it hasn't been a good day so far. first thing, in espanol i did horrible on my quiz. and nothing good has happened after. oh well. i have alot of homework to do tonight also. my research paper that counts 15 times is due in a week and 2 days and i haven't started on it, at all. im such a slacker. i hate it. my teacher doesn't give us deadlines so i don't manage my time. i still have to gather information also. poop. this week will suck alot. this weekend was pretty good. friday a group of us went to mama mia'a and kate came and suprised everyone. it was nice. laura and i went to her house later and had some good talks. i found out that i am a compulsive liar, if yall didn't know that. someone told kate that. i was pretty mad. well then we went to andrew b.'s and watched tv with andrew, aaron and chris. saturday i just did stuff around the house, got my oil changed and went to the mall. i got some jeans and 5 pairs of underwear. nice. then, that night lindsey, jonathan, andrew and i went to the fair. it was pretty fun. andrew got sick. lindsey and i didn't go on any of the rides. we just watched. i didn't feel like getting a headache. sunday, i just went to church, hung out at andrews for awhile and did homework. on the way home from youth i got followed by this white car that kept turning its lights off and then putting them on, then putting emergency lights on. it was freaky. he followed me around my whole neighborhood. i thought i was going to pee myself. anyway. im going to my car to get my english work. bye.

i am so glad that today is friday. this week has seemed to drag on forever. i was woken up this morning at 520 because of a sharp pain in my left calf. i don't know what the heck happened. i couldn't move. it wasn't a good experience. im fine now. just sitting here at work, alone, listening to jimmy eat world. im about to go to my car to get some homework to do. that would be nice if i could get some done. i have alot to do this weekend. i still want to go to the fair, but i don't think that i will end up going. i'll be fine though. i hope this is a good weekend, b/c it's really needed. im so tired of school. i think tonight laura, me, stephanie, julie, brion, etc. are going to dukes. fun. well i hope everyone has a great day and good weekend. goodbye.

my birthday is in 16 days. yay! i will be a big girl. today has been another poop day. i had a test in econ and i dont think it went well. we did figure drawing in art, its not my favorite. i did a skit in espanol today, it was alot of fun. i made a girl in my group wear a chef hat and peel a potatoe, it was good. i wish i went trick or treating last night. i didn't get any candy. andrew b., laura, andrew w, and aaron thought they would come trick or treating at my house. well only andrew b. filled his pants. hah. we had a good time looking at old yearbooks and all. i finally wrote on my senior pictures to give out. if any of you want one, just tell me and i will give it to you. i want to go take a nap. i think i have a tennis lesson today at 5 though. its been so long since i have i dont know if i still have my spot. oh well. i really need to do some kind of exercise, ive been really lazy this week. i took a test today to see if i was fat or not. i am at a healthy weight, so they say. thats about all that has been going on. im still at work for 1 and 1/2 more hours. im about to read GT for english. i really don't want to. oh well, atleast ill get it done so i dont have to do it tonight. i want a big pickle right now. a claussen one. im going to get back to work now. goodbye.

happy halloween.
i feel like crap today. my eye hurts. i changed my page a little today. yay, its about time that i did something new to it. im just really lazy. i get off work in 30 minutes and i will return to my house and sleep. i am extremely tired. i have to read gullivers travels tonight. fun. nope. have a happy halloween.

today is a normal monday, not very great. im at work for 2 more hours. i need to go to the bank after work and then i want to go to goodwill. i hope they have good stuff today. this weekend was pretty good, i didn't do anything fantastic though. friday, genie wenie came home and then i went to the show at sonrise. 7-10 split played nicely. sat. i went to dutch fork only to lose to them in the 2nd round of the playoffs. oh well, i think i was ready for tennis to be over with. i didn't even feel like trying, it was cold as balls also. that night i went to the tone zone for the show. stanleys story played really well. the best ive ever heard them. i could even hear andrew. yay. afterwards we went to perkins. my sandwich was gross but i had a good time. yesterday i went to church, then academic awards and then made pan de los muertos. very exciting. i got a 100 on my espanol test today. i was happy. : ) i also found out that my still life drawing won 2nd place in the fair. i find out in 2 days if my pottery won. well im going now to read. i will try to update this more often. bye.

hmm...yea.....its been a couple years since i have updated my page. im extremely slack. well here is the story. i would try to log in but they said that my user name was wrong and all this i thought angelfire kicked me off or something since i haven't updated my page in so long....but it turns out im a retard and have been using the wrong password. i hate myself. so basically im a retard. i apologize. anyway. today is the first round of my tennis playoffs. we go to berkely and if we win then we go to dutch fork on saturday. i hope we win. maybe we will win against both of them. that would be fantastic. we have already beaten berkely plenty of times. so i think we can do it again. tomorrow is the fort/summerville game. fun. im not even sure if i will be attending or not. it depends on who is going. there is a show at sonrise church also. so i might go to that. who knows. hm...what else has been happening since ive updated this last. basically ive been working, playing tennis and doing school work. this week hasn't been that busy though, im liking it. today i have alot to do though. i have 2 tests and i have to make cupcakes for el dia de los muertos.....brad and i broke up 2 weeks ago. it wasn't a bad break though. we are still going to be good friends. we just haven't had time for each other lately and this was just the best thing to do as of right now. well i need to go now and fax something and then change for my tennis match. i will try to update this more often. bye.

my birthday is in exactly 2 months from today. then i'll be a big kid. today has been a poop day. im tired, and all i want to do is go home and sleep. but i have to stay here at work for 3 more hours and then go to tennis for 2 hours. then do lots of homework, and study for a quiz. fun times. tomorrow is our first tennis match of the year. we are going to beaufort. i have a match at farmfield on wednesday, and one in hilton head on thursday. i hope we win, all of them. wish me luck. well yea, i had a good weekend. me, laura, and stephanie went to the football game and it was alot of fun. i thought i would want to punch everyone, but i liked it. maybe i'll go to another football game. we went shopping before and i got some shoes. they are too big but i really really like them. i haven't decided what i am going to do about them yet. after the game we went to summerbrook for 5th quarter and then no one showed up, so we just hung out and got raped a black man. saturday, i was a soccer mom and took 2 little boys to their soccer games. it was alot of fun. little kids playing soccer is so cute. that afternoon i went to the show in goose creek- the divots last show. it was alot of fun. i only went into see the divots. i got a cd for 2 cents. nice. kate, natalie, and danny came down for it. it was good to see them. i miss them. everyone should come back to summerville. that night i went with luara, andrew and his family to Ronnie's. what are they rich? i went there for the prom. and we went there to eat. well im going now to make flash cards for spanish. have a great day.

im at work and the internet doesn't work on my computer. what pissed. oh well, i guess i am forced to work on my homework now, which is probably a good thing. i have alot to do tonight. i am going to some thing at the radison about USC and stuff. i hope it is not boring as crap. oh well. im running off alot of copies right now, fun. i ate ABC's and 123's today. they were delicious, well not really. i wasn't even really hungry. i brought them to eat and then asked if we had a can opener and then they start getting their knives out and open it. oh well. it was nice of them to open it. we got some interims today. i definitly hate economics now. she gave me a 89. brion packett did better than me. and that is sad. she gave me the wrong grade on the last test so maybe that will make my grade a little higher. anyway, i need to go paperclip the papers i am running off. goodbye.

its 1230 and i am still not dressed. i think today is going to be a lazy day. brad, kate and natalie are back. yay. brad is coming over in an hour and bringing me lunch. yum. im hungry. kate, natalie, lindsey, laura, ivy, stephanie and i are going to outback tonight. and then i think we are going to brads to watch joe dirt. dang. that movie is so good. i bought the DVD for bradley. he was pleased. im glad. he gave me 2 dozen roses yesterday and i kissed him. they are pretty and smell nice. my eyes are dry today and i dont like it at all. my right one has been acting up lately. i hate it. my parents are leaving now. i have to go say bye.

today is labor day. we dont have school today. im so glad. clemson does. ha. sike. i have alot to do though, which sucks. everyone went to atlanta this weekend. i wish i would have gotten to go. lindsey got me a dashboard sticker though. that was nice of her. i love her. i haven't written in here in a while because of school. i hate school. i have 2 tests every day this week, except tuesday. that is not fair. but everyone is coming home next weekend so that will be good. brad and i are finally going to do something for our anniversary. it will be fun. i haven't really done much this weekend, but ive had alot of fun. friday me and lindsey went shopping and to see shrek. saturday me and ivy went downtown and i got alot of good jewelry. that night i hung out with laura, and stanleys story. we went to perkins and walmart. it was a good time. yesterday i went to church twice and then hung out with chris, laura, and andrew w. we watched sweet november. that is not a good movie. i saw kim at blockbuster. it was nice. well im going now to clean my room. have a good day.

well apparently someone (kooter) has been writing things in here that i was not aware of it. jerks. i guess i will have to change my password now. fag. oh well. ive been at work only an hour and i am already done with all my work. yay. im very glad. i have alot of homework today so i should be able to finish most of it. i took a quiz in spanish today and did well. Ella es puertorriqueña. i like that word. its up there with actividad. well im going to make some easy mac now. have a good day.

hey kids. im at jamies house. laura, chris, ivy, jamie and thomas are here. today is brad and i's 2 year anniversary. is everyone happy. i am. but i haven't really gotten to talk to him much at all. i called him when he was driving to manifest, and i talked to him a little bit when he was there. sad. i wish i would have gotten to see him today. oh well. we are going to celebrate in 2 weekends. today and yesterday i had a tennis tournament at daniel island. we didn't win. we came in 4th a think. better than last place. i guess. we won something- sportsmanship and most school spirit. that means that we are nice people. yay. the man that ran the tournament looked like "life with louie". it was cute. sike. well have a good day.

im at work. i can't do any work though. because one of the guys at work messed my computer up and now we have to reformat it and all that crap. i dont know how to do any of it. it will be fixed when i leave hopefully but that isn't going to help me. i have alot of work to do. i think i will just do my english crap today then. which is good because then i will be ahead in there. i think i am retarded. i got my test back in econ and i did bad. i have another test tomorrow. i hope i dont do as bad. i have a test on friday too, in forensics. and a quiz on monday and a BIG essay due on tuesday. that is silly. thats alot of work. i hate school. wheat thins are yummy. goodbye.

its 2 and i already finished most of my work for the day. yay. im glad. now i will get to do some of my homework. i have lots of test this week and a BIG essay due so maybe i will get some of that studying done too. that would be nice. today has been boring. i got my class ranking and GPA and all today. it is not exactly right yet but as of now i am #29 of 544. i think i like that. i have never been that smart. my arm hurts. i think i did too much work today. this weekend i have a tennis tournament in kiawah. everyone should go. i hope that we do well. i ate macaroni and cheese for lunch, it was good. but i think i ate too much. the fax machine at work is going crazy and i have lots of work to do now. so everyone have a good day. bye.

i know everyone loves how i dont ever have anytime to update my page anymore. sorry. i have just been really busy. all i do everyday is go to school, go to work, go to practice, and then do my homework. it sucks. i just want to go home and sleep. im so tired right now. i really hope it keeps on raining so i will not have practice...this weekend was sad. everyone left. we had a nice goodbye breakfast for the boys at perkins yesterday. brad left on saturday along with the people that go to USC. lindsey, stephanie, and i went to say bye to them in columbia and to help them (kate and natalie) move in and all. it was fun. we went to the mall and old navy before. ivy was there too. she should have come with us. it was alot of fun. she got a new car. its beautiful. im jealous. my sister left me this week too. she moved to texas on thursday. i miss her already. my mom is there with her now helping her move in. she will be back on thursday. until then, ill be alone with rod and gracie. sad. well kids i have to go and type up some work orders. have a good day.

it's wednesday. tomorrow school starts. im really really not looking forward to going back. its going to be awful. i haven't gotten to write in here for a long time because i've been really busy. i haven't even gotten to see anyone in a while. i got back from GA late on sunday night. luara and i stopped by the show. we "kind of" met yellowcard. they are very nice and nice looking. i REALLY wish that i would have been able to see them. i missed out on 2 times that i could go see them in 2 days. that makes me sad. but anyway, i have the cd. they are supposed to come back in november too. they should play on my birthday. that would be nice. brad bought me tshirt and a sticker. i was pleased. kate got me a pick, i think ill kiss her when i get it. i started tennis on monday. it is really hot outside and sometimes i want to pass out. katherine hacket and i are co-captians though. so im glad about that. i think we will be pretty good this year. b/c we started early and have new good girls on the team. we actually have to do stuff this year. andrew sires, ben jeter, and shaun until he goes back to school are helping out at practice. they make us run and its hot but we need to get in shape. last night i went to brads house. we watched part of the gremlins. i dont remember that movie being as stupid as it was. then we made oatmeal choc. chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies. they were good. i need to stop eating. dang. after that we watched stir of echoes. that is always a good movie. laura and i went to six flags and atlanta this past weekend with st. pauls. it was lots of fun. we stayed at a lake house and got to canoe and use the paddle boats and stuff. thomas and i went canoeing and i tipped the boat over. im retarded. we went DT atlanta that night and ate at hard rock cafe. that was fun. jamie got up and started dancing around the restaurant for some girls birthday. six flags was alot of fun too. it rained right as we were leaving though. that sucked getting wet and all but it was overall a really good time. today has been really busy at work. its only 945 and ive already typed up like 25 work orders. and i have more to do so i better go and do them. have a good day.

today is friday. yay. its 1115 now and i get off at 1230. im glad. after work im going to the tone zone to say bye to brad and eat. then i have a tennis lesson at 2. then at 4 i leave for georgia. it will be a good time. we are staying at a lake/mountian house. nice. we are going to six flags on sunday also. im going with st. pauls band thing. laura invited me. thomas is going too. last night was planes mistaken for stars. they were good. but had lots of hair. it grew longer when they walked in. patrick said that. and i agree. the other bands weren't that good though. the first band made me want to shoot myself. they should never play again. it sounded like my garbage can and my dog. or something like that. i heard some real gross things about the singer. i threw up when danny told me that. it was the grossest thing that i have ever heard. seriously. well im have to get back to work. have a good day. miss me. ill be back sunday night, hopefully in time for yellowcard. i really want to see them. everyone buy me stuff from them. ill kiss you if you do.

mornings are not always fun. i had the hardest time getting up this morning. it was bad. i only got like 4 hours of sleep last night so you know. i got home at like 245. the show was so awesome last night. stretch was great, as usual. and NFG put on a good show. except for the occasional, gun thing that jordan did. i had that junk. at the end of the show steve did look at me and then throw his pick. it was sweet. except that it fell in this box that only the people who work for HOB can go in. so i was looking for it, i even took out my flashlight thing, but then kate found it and told the man that it was hers. nope. then he traded with her and so ended up with one of ians picks. oh well. it was a good time regardless. ian did take his shirt off. i wish he wouldn't have. it was gross. element 101 really sucked. i was disappointed. i heard they were good. but they weren't. patrick said they were better on the radio. i sure hope so. they did have pretty stickers. pretty green and blue ones. i would have gotten one if they didn't suck so bad. the girl shouldn't ever wear that belt again. i really loved those 2 girls that were going wild when they played. it was cute. just like their mom that was standing behind them. haha. anyway, the first band that played wasn't too bad. they kind of sounded like old school blink. nice. the last song they played sucked. all it was, was f- you. f-you. dadad. yes. me lindsey and shaun had fun on the way home too. kate slept. patrick mooned us twice. he has a small butt. like belt girl. her belt was bigger than her butt. haha. queer. we talked about pizzas and lipstick. good stuff. no. the guys in the black pontiac were fun. i liked the way shuan blew kisses at them and then they were at the show. too bad the motorcycle guy wasn't there too. he was fun. he beat on his chest and then pointed at me. what does that mean? haha. tonight is going to be a good show. i hope atleast. planes mistaken for stars is lovely music. well im going to get back to work now. last night was great. have a good day.

its 140. i am tired and i have a stomach ache. today is going good though besides that. i finally got my tickets for the show tonight during my lunch break. i got them at publix. i was a little upset that i had to pay 3.25 extra just b/c i got it there. queer. oh well. on my way i think i saw a cop get hit, or the cop hit someone. odd. it was on trolley. these 2 people were in a car that had just been bought with all the stickers and stuff still on it. it hit the cop or something. then pulled to the middle of the lane. then the cop turned its lights on and pulled it over. crazy. i was a little confused. i think that is what happened anyway. i didn't see the whole thing. i dont know why i am sharing this isn't. anyway, tonight is going to be a great show. i cant wait. i discovered my new favorite bug today. im not sure the name of it though. this guy that i work with, jeremey stepped on it and it started jumping around, real high. it is the best bug in the world. i wish it was cuter though. it is in a cup. sitting on my desk. i think he needs a name. does anywone know what kind of bug this is? if so, please inform me. i got lots of good stuff for school yesterday. pretty stuff. i dont want to go back at all though. i think i will drop out now. not really. i will punch all the people at school. i saw dr. hudson yesterday. she is cute. i hope mr. bailey still sings alot and dances for us. that would be nice. maybe ill get to see sims again. : ) i watched titanic last night when i babysat. that is a good movie sometimes. well im going to get back to work now. have a good day.

today has been a bad day. it started out by me waiting in line for 3 hours for registration. i did get a parking spot though. which im glad for that. but then my schedule is all messed up. and i had to be at work at 9 and didn't get there until 1120. so i went back on my lunch break. and my schedule was too messed up to even fix right then. sucks. so, on monday i have to go back to the school at 8 and talk with mr. ferrell. dang. but anyway, i get off work in 15 minutes. yay. and then im going to staples and walmart to get school stuff before all the good stuff is gone. then i have to babysit from 6-930. i hope tomorrow is better. i know it will be though because im going to the nfg, midtown, and stretch show in mrytle beach. it will be good. i will kiss gabe if they play. not really. ill just watch him. he looks like brad, i think. so maybe ill just kiss him. well kids, have a good day.

its 950 now. im at work and tired as crap. i didn't go to bed until like 330 because of zoe. i will kill that cat. i am drinking gatorade. i actually have done some work today. that is different. i still have work to do as i am doing this. ha. oh well. i will get to it later. i want to go downtown this afternoon and get some pants and some shoes. i will probably just go to sleep though. i haven't gotten much sleep at all lately. i want some new reefs. i think we are going to be allowed to wear them at school now. that makes me very happy. that was a queer rule anyway. have a nice day. sign my guestbook. now.

i am at kates house right now. it is 110 in the morning. kate, natalie, laura, and i are spending the night. patrick, spencer, brian, and josh were/are here now. we watched saved the last dance. its the best movie in the world, if you didn't know. i believe you should see it if you haven't already. the boys didn't like it too much. boys are dumb. we played scattegories for like 2 seconds but then everyone got queer and stopped. i wasn't doing too good anyway because i was tired and im dumb. wheat thins and cream cheese are great. brian is taking a dump right now. i watched planet of the apes the other day. it was a good movie. marky mark and the funky bunch did kiss a girl ape though. i was kind of upset about that. brian is standing beside me right now and is about to crap his pants again, if he cant get on. good night.

i am at work. and im so tired. this morning i got back from a retreat with my church. it was awesome but i didn't get any sleep. and the night before i spent the night in edisto with lindsey. it was fun. we made muffins and watched 10 things i hate about you. because that is the best movie in the world.

today i made this webpage. it sucks. i know. i will try to make it better with pretty pictures and whatnot. one day. probably wont be soon though.