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"what's meant to be will always find a way"

wow. i think this died. i dont know why im even writing in this.

i do have a new journal is anyone is interested.


it has been fo eva. since ive written in here last. its pretty bunk. so i guess its for the best. school is starting soon. im really not looking forward to it that much. but hopefully it will be cool when i get there. the stryder is tonight. i hope its good. everyone says they are no good anymore. anyway. im going to get back to work. holla back.


the show last night was really good. i was dissappointed though that taking back sunday didn't play more songs. but regardless. i had a good time. im going to eat with josh, jimmy and erin soon. have a great day.


tomorrow is taking back sunday. who is in?

my sister comes saturday. im so excited.


i haven't written in this in forever. ive been busy with graduation and then at work i haven't been able to get to this site. but anyway. so much has happened since then. lets see. im out of school. i graduated. the europe kids came home. im an aunt. lindsey is gone for the summer. etcetc. im not doing anything exciting for the summer..just working. thats where i am now. on my boss's computer. he is gone and let me use it. how nice. my junk crashed anyway and now i can't use my machine to do any work so i dont have anything to do. and im alone here so yea. ive just been writing thank you notes. that will keep me busy for the next 270348320 years. i have like 29 to write. grr. i have written alot already also. graduation is better than my birthday. i got alot of nice things. im excited about going shopping and getting things for school. i have like 900 to use to buy whatever i want. but ill probably just put most of it in the bank. you know. save it for next year.

thursday i have orientation. i get my schedule, my room assignment and all that. its all day thursday. then when i get my classes and all i can get my college account and feel special with my own checks and debit card and junk. that will be nice. considering that my bank just made a gay rule that i can't cash my own checks anymore even though im past 18 b/c my account still has my moms name on it also. yea i was real pissed the other day when i couldn't cash my pay check.

anyway, this summer has gotten off to a good start. i think im going to enjoy it. : ) i think im going to go to lunch now. bye.

5 more days of school

my first period teacher decided to give a test friday so now i am forced to attend school. ill show her. right now, school is pretty pointless. we just sit there in most of my classes...doing nothing...watching pointless movies, etc. but i guess it beats working. i have nothing to do now at all. i guess ill start studying for spanish. im trying to do something constructive with my time.

my nose is running
and i can't stop sneezing

im off to make notecards now. adios.


20 more minutes of work. today is poop. im sick. i think i have pink eye. i have no motivation to do anything. blah. i think im going to go to the mall today. whohoo...then bible study......this weekend was okay. the graduation was long and it rained and lightened. if that is how you say it. but yea...other than that it was a good weekend. i had a good mothers day with mi mama. we watched a movie and went to eat. but yea. im going to get back to work. have a good day.

its friday- sort of. im about to leave work and then im off to greenville. i am going up there and staying the night and in the morning im going to my brothers graduation. its 3 hours long. im going to die.

oogum boogum.


yellowcard was sooooo good last night. i like them alot. i love how they aren't snobby or anything. they love talking to their fans and they are really nice. and sean is hot as piss. lindsey axed him to marry her. i got stepped on alot. but it was worth it.

all the boys are gone now. except patrick. atleast one person stayed. i hope everything went well with their flights and junk.

today has been an okay day. i didn't really do anything. i just slept alot. and after work i will sleep some more. this day is going by so slow. its seems like ive been at work for 3 hours and it has only been half that long. poop.

i have a spider man tattoo. everyone is jealous.

i worked all day today at work. but thats okay but YELLOWCARD is tonight. : ) it will be a good time.

today has been an alright day. yesterday i had an art show. i went with aaron and his mom. then aaron and i hung out. and then i went to brads. everyone was over there. it was really good to see them. im going to miss them. today was school- thats all. nothing good. im have bible study tonight at 7 and i need to go to the bank. i am currently attempting to make a purse. im going to go home and work on that now. its not very good yet. but i hope it will be cute. im also going to learn how to make skirts. that will be a challenge.

i want to crack my back.

saturday night/sunday morning
i just saw spiderman. it was good but just really stupid. yea. im really tired. goodnight.

05.03.02 (again)...i scraped a chunk out of my middle finger on my front steps 10 minutes ago. its bleeding.

congratulations to jordan!! she's the jew for you.

today was a do nothing day. 1st period i ate..and sat...2nd period i watched CSI..3rd perdio- slept...4th- talked and did a little artwork 5th- lunch...6th- watched tv. now im at work...doing nothing. tru. i think im going to good will after work. i need to get some glasses this weekend. i hate looking for glasses. i can never find any that i like.

good luck to the girls soccer team tonight. and to the boys soccer team tomorrow

my elbow hurts

i feel so much better now. i have nothing to be stressed out about and its a great feeling. all my tests are done. and i dont have any homework to do today. im going to the mall after work...then taebo...then watching friends and csi. sounds like a good day. : )

i want to start off and apologize to anyone that i have been a jerk to this week. i have been extremley stressed out. but i think im okay now. today has been a good day. im just really tired. i got out of school early and i went to the mayors commitee luncheon and ate good food from o'neils...and got 75$ then i went home took a nap--then came to work. im almost done with all my work and im about to start reading 1984 again. ill be reading that book for the rest of the year b/c i just keep getting side-tracked and all. have a great day.

studying all day is not ever fun.

today has been alright. but this week is going to be terrible. after 3rd period on thursday ill be better though. i have so much to do though. geh. im tired of school. big time. im about to get some work done....the placement tests were alright. definitly not my favorite. math stunk but espanol was alright. i watched legally blonde this weekend. it is so stupid- but guess what? i love it. well i hope everyone has a great day. wish me luck this week. so i dont kill myself.

happy birthday rachel!

i am going to be an aunt in 21 days!

happy birthday to bradley scott larson

i am in usc and we just saw harry potter. it was extraordinarly good. i was really surprised. kate really isn't a maniac. anymore at least. i have placement tests tomorrow here. boo. i dont think that it will be fun. im going now. i think we are going to play taboo now. bye.

school work until i die.


i haven't updated all week due to the internet being gay. the only time i have to do this is at work and this site was blocked or something. but anyway. this week has gone back quick actually. it was been an alright week. im glad for it to be over- for me atleast. no more school until monday. thanks goodness. i have alot of work to do this weekend though. art and english. blah. only one more piece in art-then im done. this whole week i have done a whole lot of nothing at all. BSAP has been going on so i haven't really done much...and then for some reason i haven't had any homework- which is nice.....and i just couldn't bring myself to do any work ahead of time...even though i have three MAJOR things due next week. im just not in the mood to do work anymore. for instance, i went to the family circle cup last night, instead of studying for governemnt...and in art, i ate instead of starting on a new piece. im real lazy.

csu wants your package.
have a good day.

nuzzles to the cuzzles


only 20 more minutes of work left. yay. im just sitting here with ray. we are listening to alot of country music. ray is mad now b/c i turned a 'good' song off...too bad it wasn't a good song at all.....anyway. he is gone now and cindy gave me permission to take it out. thank goodness. 15 minutes now...

i think im going to get lost in mrytle beach today.....ive never driven there.

(hey aaron)- since i know you will read this and memorize it. *sike*syke*

im spicey


04.11.02 again

"Daria is the poster child for "teen misfit," and holds in high contempt what she sees as the shallowness and superficiality of the world around her. She is also cynical -- though she'd say she's "realistic" -- and mistrustful of authority, and doesn't hesitate to make her opinions known when she sees fit. She has a talent for writing, a sharp intellect, an even sharper tongue (her sarcasm could cut tempered steel), and a wit so dry it makes the Sahara look like a rain forest."

i have nothing to do. ever.


one more day until dashboard
im so ready to be out of school. only 28 more days left. heck yea. i just have a butt load to do until then. but it will all work out in the end- hopefully. i have a headache. again. and im hungry. grr.. today hasn't been a very good day at all...poop.

when joejoe poops he calls it a 'nanny'. ew.

aaron stalked me today, and i liked it.

mr. bailey gave us donuts too, im fat now.

today has been a really good day. i didn't do anything at all in school because we had the 'forensics fair' which was actually very interesting..then laura, tony, brion and i left early and went to burger king- where i saw my mom...then i came home and slept for an hour before work and now im at work and im done with all my work. so now i can read my book for english to get ahead. go me. and i dont really have much to do today- just english, study for vocab. and art work.

i met a guy named teddy today. he ate at BK with us. he was lauras friend
this week is going by fast- thank goodness

my legs are hot. and my eyelids are purple

i am a junior deputy

have a nice day.


today melvin told me that i looked "like a grown up" i laughed.

im at work and im about to start reading 1984 b/c i have to have it finished by next week and i haven't started it. i dont have anything due tomorrow but everything is due in the next few weeks. i have a project, a paper, tests, my AP art portfolio, etc. that wont be fun at all. i have 4 1/2 works of art to do in 2 weeks. that is impossible.
i have to pee again
and i just peed 5 minutes ago.

strawberry cheesecake nutra grain bars are delicious.


04.08.02 again

You’re Britney Spears! Face it, ya got it made. You’re sexy and popular, and have tons of people craving to be you. Sure, you’ve got some enemies out there, but you’ve also got a lot of people wishing they were with you. You’re the kind of person who knows you’re hot, and you’re not afraid to go all out to prove it.
What Kind of Pop Princess Are You? Quiz by Jonah

that was silly.
now you do it.


first day back at school
well today wasn't too bad but it definitly wasn't the best day of my life. i found out that i have another research paper due in 2 weeks. it counts 11 times. but i guess that is better than the previous 17 times. this weekend i went to the festival twice. it was alright. once with just me and aaron and the with aaron, his mom, his sister and her boyfriend. aarons mom and sister didn't know what a mullet was. so we enlightened them. :) also, it has come to my attention that many people dont know what a douche is. anyway. its probably better that way.

my head has been hurting for 2 days straight now. what the!


happy birthday amber!

4.5.2002 and again.
i just beat battleship on patricks computer for the 2nd time in my life. im getting good.

by the way- im the best bowler in the world.

and i won again

4.5.2002 again
i copied nallycakes.

which song of staywhatyouare are you? find out!

that makes me sound scary.... i dont know why i did that except for the fact that i have NOTHING to do. and i just updated this 30 minutes ago. wow. i need another book to read or something.


the flowertown festival starts today. its 9:00 and people are already walking past work to get there. what the! go home people and sleep.
thats what i want to do- sleep. im so tired.

last night me, lindsey, aaron, jonathan, and andrew b. went bowling. it was pretty uneventful. i dont want spring break to end.

im going to the festival today after work. andrew brown and nikki huch bring join aaron and i. that might be odd.

did i mention that im tired of working. or just tired of sitting here

all i want to do is go to the beach.


spring break is more than half way done

last night aaron and i went to the beach. it was dark and pretty. i had a good time. we ate chips and drank juice while watching thugs and their hussie girlfriends hang out by the candy machine that 2804832 people tried to get candy out.

another day at work.

jehovah witness' just molested me.
i have a splinter.

aaron is sick again. 101 temperature. for like 3 days in a row. what the!

first day of work during spring break. its only 1040 and i already want to go home. but its okay because guess what? i get off at 1 now. all week. that is fantastic. spring break has been going pretty good. i haven't been doing much- just sitting around. i went to the zoo though and that was great. i almost killed aaron, lindsey and jonathan. i didn't mean to. people on the interstate cant drive and like to slam on their breaks when there is no need to...its just b/c they cant drive.

i think im going to lay out today. i need to get a tan

yesterday i bought 2 prom dresses. that is a record.

yesterday was april fools. i only tricked one person though. i forgot what day it was. we were playing hide and seek. and i was about to get tagged and i told them i wasn't playing so they let me go and then i ran to the tree and said april fools. aren't i tricky. not really.


1 more day until spring break.

im so ready to be out of school. spring break is needed greatly. so yea. today has been an okay day. nothing special. i have a paper tonight to write about james madison though which wont be too much fun. yea. its 300 and i just finished doing all my work for today. wow, that is alot of work. i hate how i cant usually update this from work. angelfire hates me but i hate it too. oh well. nothing much has been going on with me though...just working, school, and thats about it. well im going to clean up now and write some emails. have a good day. :)

aaron just licked my face. we are going to the dollar movies in a bit. to see oceans eleven. have a good night.

friends was good tonight. angelfire sucks though. thats why i can't ever update it. but yea, im goign to see beauty and the beast tomorrow night at the imax with aaron...everyone is jealous.. its going ot be all good and junk with special effects. well have a good night.

i just found a black thing in my dr. pepper..i will stop drinking it right about now.

its really hot in face is all red..i could faint...maybe. well not really...anyway....i have soo much to do today...goodness..i dont even want to think about it. laura's bday is in 2 days..happy birthday to her. she is going to have a dance for her birthday. well her mom wants her to..i think it would be fun.. but who knows..well yea...i need to send in my housing things to USC. im late.. i have to talk about this junk with kate and them too though. i also have a scholarship to study....taebo...alot of govt. homework, english paragraphs...and to study for going to fail that test..its on drugs..i dont know anything about drugs..and the categories they fall in and after school i went to the same gas statoin that i go to everyday to get a dr. pepper. ..they should know my name...its always the same girl and the same guy..i feel stupid now b/c i go there so much....atleast 4 days of the the week..but i like it...its the clean new one on 17A. well going to get back to work now.

"i could spend my life in the sweet surrender, i could stay lost in this moment forever, where every moment i spend with you is a moment i treasure"

today has been a pretty good day actually..just real busy..since i missed school on friday ive been doing make up work all day. i dont have too much to do today so thats good.. i have some art work to do and bible study but thats it. my grandma is still here so maybe ill hang out with her a bit. she is real cute. she leaves wednesday : ( i hope everyone has a great day.

i feel like crap.

its im going to columbia..its going to be a really good time. i REALLY hope that it is not sold out....that would be terrible. im going to look at stuff to redo my room in a bit.. im not sure exactly waht i want to do...i think im goign to do it in navy blue, light blue, and yellow..or something..i dont know...anyway....yesterday kate called me and said that the other person that was going to room with them isn't she wanted to know if i wanted to. i am almost positive that i am. that would be alot of would be me, kate, natalie, and and kate would share a room and natalie and ashley would share a room. we would stay in 'the roost' which has suite style rooms..we even get a living room..i want to actually see one of the rooms..but yea..i think that is going to happen. well im off to look at comforters.bye.

im drinking out of a batman and robin cup...i found it in my car today on the way to work. i came to work and washed it not sure whose it is though...but im pretty sure that it is either aarons or cambos'...i hope so has been a pretty good day...i have alot to do this afternoon though. make a poster for this project for on my art piece...visit with family...taebo. my stomach hurts..i just made mac and cheese. and i think i drank too much. today kates brother greg brought a picture of my grandparents to school....and showed everyone....nice. i saw him in the hall and he had it in his hand..i was like 'what the!' tru. yea im real excited about the show tomorrow..its going to be a really good time.

rachel came home yesterday and my grandma comes in today. was really good to see rachel. she is all cute and pregnant. i love it. it makes me want to be pregnant..her stomach is huge... : ) tru.. my face is red. i have the fat person disease...when your face gets red all the time...yuck..anyway...spencer sent me a really good card today. i love him. i want to go up there and visit him...anyway...nothing special is happening today..but whats new...its pretty outside..but im stuck in here and i dont feel good....blahblah..whatever....i've peed 5 times today and it is only 222. "the time is 222" im leaving now.

i haven't written in this junk in a while....b/c my computer at work has been filtered and all and it wouldn't let me get to this page...and that is where i usually update this. so yea...this weekend was good...friday i went to the story, conveniences, and rosemount show..i had a good time. laura and i went shopping after school. i got a pair of pants. a pair of pj pants and a black shirt tru. then me, cambo, laura, tommy, and jason went to kyotos express..i hadn't eaten there in forever. it was good luara john andrew b aaron and cameron just hung out at aarons then went to subway...i went to ihop with my mom then to walmart... there was a show at sonrise but i didn't go b/c i felt like crap. i dont know what the deal is....i haven't been feeling well lately at all...sunday i just went to church...then worked on a scholarship..then went to youth ..aaron came with me...afterwards we went to publix and got subs..then came back to my house and hung out until like 10...anyway...rachel comes excited about that...yea...after going to go home and sleep b/c i dont feel good..then people are coming over for dinner b/c rachel is back and all...then i have taebo...then homework.. my day is going to be quite exciting. anyway...yea...kate came home this weekend. it was good to see her...we had some good looking forward to thursday...that is going to be an awesome show...i hope everyone goes. im tired..bye.

hmmm..its 6. i went to walmart today and got my pictures back.. they are lovely. i got alot of snacks and 2 pairs of PJ pants. one fleece and the other reg. pink somethings. who knows. anyway..yea. okay im going to do some homework and then go to kickboxing..

monday (sunday night)
i got back from the show at theater 99 or whatever it is called just a bit ago. i had a really good time. all the equipment there sucked but everyone did well was the story, jason hoveys band, and then greg james, sadler, mike gunter, and britt's band...that was odd to see britt there singing and all...but it was cool. they did well for their first time.. sadler is a really good guitarist..and the story was cute. andrew brown got new glasses. i like them. i met andrew wilkenson's girlfriend tonight also. she is nice. jonathan rhodes brought me 4 nerd ropes today. i hugged him. i love nerd rope. me, luara, cameron, andrew, and aaron went to waffle house after the show... i asked for 1 pancake and the lady punched me..sike..she looked at me bad..then i realized that i was in WAFFLE house and then i felt going to bed now...goodnight.

im babysitting right now. the kids are being really good..they just watched my skydiving was cute..they asked alot of questions and i pretended like i knew what i was talking about..but i really didnt at all. i just did school work for most the and a resume....then aaron came over and we just hung out.. then we watched part of 'almost famous' then met john at goodwill and then i came over here..but the kids want to get on now and play games. i hope everyone had a good day.

clinton hiott's bday
its at work. about to watch patricks radio show online. the guy on there now itches his head alot. anyway...i want to go to sleep...i feel like i am stalking patrick since i am watching him on the internet. but oh well. its cool. i hope everyone had a good valentines day. i did. i went to america cinema bar and grill. everyone and there mom is now online being the radio station- patrick, brian, brodie, some guy, and chris. all there. when did brodie get there? what!?! my knee hurts.

valentine's day
happy valentines day everyone. today has been a great valentines day. i woke up this morning and was running late but when i got downstairs my mom had me a card, a big plate of candy and stuff...and some $. haha. so i was happy about that. they i went outside to my car. and left on it was a rose, the 'a walk to remember' book, and the soundtrack. i was so happy. i love it. thanks aaron. i get off work in a bit and then laura and i are going to the mall...then tonight i might go to see beauty and the beast at the imax. : ) well i hope everyone is having a good day. im so glad this is a 4 day weekend.

ash wednesday
genie wenie, jordan, and tristan fords' birthdays
today is the beginning of lent. i haven't eaten since 630 yesterday. 21 hours ago. i could eat my sweater. my english tests are done. now i have govt and spanish. wish me luck. happy birthday jordan and gene

"you want love?
We'll make it
Swimming a deep sea
Of blankets
Take all your big plans
And break 'em
This is bound to be a while"

this week is only a 4 day week. thank goodness...but it does finish up on valentines day...which is kind of depressing but i am really looking forward to the 4 day weekend. i dont have anything planned yet really. i want to go to the john mayor concert on friday-but i dont want to pay 15$ and i dont have anyone to go with me...makemie and the georgetown kids are going to be there..and it would be cool to see them all. its been awhile. last weekend was a really good one. friday was lindsey's surprise party, then saturday lindsey and i went shopping and got our eyes pierced and lindsey got her nose pierced. that night me, her, jonathan, laura, cameron and aaron went dt to eat. well we were supposed to go see beauty and the beast. but that didn't work out b/c 'someone' was late...haha. just kidding.. its cool. i want to go see it this weekend if i can...but sunday i went to faith- i like that church, it reminds me of crossroads. then me and aaron hung out and then i studied and slept and went back to church....but anyway... today i have alot to do...after work- at 4 i have to take joe to church, then home to study english, then frm 630-8 i have mardi-gras for national spanish honor society...with the french and the germans. we are going to have a big party. it is going to be real gay but i have to go. hopefully ill be able to leave early or something. we had to make a mask and all for it. blah. and i have to miss taebo. well anyway....stanleys story has 2 shows this weekend...everyone should go. thomas is putting on a show also at allbooks at 830 on sat. go to that one if you cant go to stanleys story. as for me on sat. night i have to go babysit from 5-10. but oh well i need to get some money. i just need 40$ so i can get my 'lobe' pierced. ive been trying for like 20 minutes to find a picture online of what it looks like but i cant find one. ive only seen it on the model at factor five. today has been really busy but it really hasn't been that bad. i had mr. kaples english and a quiz in gov't and i think i did well on both of those. laura brought be nerd rope and burnt 'recover' for me. and shane clevenger gave me the john mayor cd. i was extremely pleased with both of them. how nice. thanks guys. well i hope everyone has a great day.

"sing to me the song of the stars"

lindsey's 18th birthday
im glad that today is friday. happy birthday to lindsey matheny, jonathan rhodes and rachel huch. i hope you all have a good day. im listening to the 'a walk to remember soundtrack' online right now. someone should really buy that for me. i went to walmart to get it but they didn't have it. i was sad. but anyway. im going to blockbuster to get movies. have a good weekend.

today really hasn't been that good of a day...nothing good has happened all day and i did really really bad on this essay test that i took. oh no. tomorrow is lindseys birthday. im going to good will and salvation army in a bit to get books for the book drive at my school...them im going to walmart to get the 'a walk to remember' soundtrack and then ill go to taebo later. and maybe we'll have a friends party. that would be tite. i want to go home now. im really tired..this whole week i have no gone to sleep before 1130. these raisins don't taste too good anymore..can they get stale?

aaron came to visit me today. it was sweet. we drank hot chocolate. i finally finished all of those 280483240 work orders. but i am off to do some more work before i go home. bye.

im about to leave work....ive been really busy lately so updating this junk hasn't been happening......the further seems forever show was awesome last night...if you weren't there you missed out. it was really good to see all the clemson and usc people too. i miss yall alot.

old journals.