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Greetings and welcome to my finally reopened Dilandau site. This site is lovingly and humourously (if you have a sense of humor which I hope you do.) dedicated to all things Dilandau.

I've decided to do updates on the main pages of all my websites except for my main site, the Shell, so visitors know what to expect right away. Feel free to look around and maybe sign my guestbook. I'd really appreciate it ^.^

11-19-02: The site "Red Armor Fire" is now Blood Armor Fire. I kept the counter the same, but put in a new guestbook all together. There are still a few minor additions to be made, but this is the finished product. I'm glad to say the site is back after having been closed for more than a month!

Site disclaimer and notes: The things on this site, unless otherwise noted or mentioned are not mine. If it is mine, I retain the right to hold any and all say in the material on the site and it's use anywhere outside of sites not belonging to her

The site at the moment does not house or post material that is beyond the nature of acceptability to the general public (NC-17 or MA) So such materials if submitted to the site will NOT be posted or accepted.

For questions about specifics involving such restraints, please contact me