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Diary of Argentina

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Sunday, June 8

Due to the Google problem I have decided to shut down this site . I would never thought that Google could settle censorship but they sent to me an e-mail with the confirmation I was suspecting during the last six months : this url is currently banned by Google . I never meant to hurt anyone's feelings , but I think that if I have a good photograph I will publish it , no matter how raw it could be . Apparently Google wont allow anything published on the web , you can have gambling , sex , pedophilia , and all kind of crap , but regarding social issues there will be their invisible hand banning sites that can be a risk for the corporate media .This site was mainly about pictures , because I think a picture tells much more than a thousand words , and because of that , may be it was dangerous (as an advice : you can write anything , but be careful with photographs , they wont let you show everything ) .
So now it is the end , it is not very useful to run a banned site , may be I make another site in the future , but for now I'm done with this and I really don't care much about , my thoughts are going in another direction now .
The only thing I want to say is in the music you can hear in the background sound : Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (be patient for the download) , listening to it I hope you can understand exactly what I mean and where my mind is now .

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