I seek to hear from former Jehovah's Witnesses who fit this following discription:

Amanda Jah Daniels
P.O.Box 142
Ojai,CA 93024


I am looking for follow Former Jehovah's Witnesses for friends who match the following discriptions:

*Believes in the restored earth hope as THEIR eternal life hope..INSTEAD of going to heaven...but simply NOT JW's narrow version.

* Belief in a personal God...non- trintarian is a pluss.

*Is Liberal and non-fundamental..believes in Social Justice...meaning? Equal rights for women and all races....extends kindness to animals.

*Believes in helping the environment.

* Believes in supporting hemp...Does NOT believe in smoking pot.

*Non-drinker/does NOT like bars or clubs.

*Is Into natural spirituality..but not the supernatural.

More info on me:

I like classic rock/1960's and early 70's folk/blues type rock.

I like the hippie bohemian look and styles of the 60's.

Into being outdoors and active everyday. Into going on walks everyday. I don't like to sit around.

Loves nature. The beach and the mountains.

Like Reggae music..but again NOT weed.

Jah is one of my favorite names of God.

Into organic healthy food...but not a Vegan.