The Appeal of The New Age Movement

Most Positive Things About The New Age Movement:


People everywhere are tired of religious hypocrisy and falsehood. They are frustrated by the negligence and inadequacy of governments. They are alarmed by the perceived casual attitudes and blunders of the medical establishment. And many are victimized by racist or sexist bias and bigotry.

Many of the concepts embraced and promoted by the New Age movement promote mental and physical well-being as well as good nutrition, exercise, relaxation, a natural approach to health care and a concern and awareness for the environment, all of which are highly important to the success of whole and balanced living.


Today, as more people become disillusioned with conventional health care, realizing that more often than not it teaches that pain means sickness, treating it as a powerful enemy, and assaulting the symptoms with prescription medicines that usually either mask, or drive the problem underground - a practice that usually means it will resurface later with increased complications.

Author of the book Healthy Healing, Linda Page, reports that naturopathy is increasingly becoming the most popular choice of health care options. Why? Because naturopathy is seen as offering the best combination of both orthodox and natural medicine. They are well trained in therapeutic nutrition, and psychological counseling, subjects not required in traditional medical school.

At the same time they usually also have an educational background similar to that of a conventional M.D., and because of this they may even work in conventional hospitals and are more likely to be accepted by the medical establishment than other alternative practitioners.

Finally, naturopathy teaches that not every problem requires costly, major medical attention. A sensible and thus 'whole' and balanced lifestyle, with good healthy food, regular exercise and restful sleep is still the best medicine and that knowledge is still the best prescription.

Today health care is making a shift from the emphasis on disease treatment to focus on disease prevention. We should be respectful to the vast field of medical options. It's just that most of us don't realize we have a choice. Yet, how can we fully enjoy life with the prospect of sickness and death hanging over our heads? Can plausible solutions to these problems be given? From what source?

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