Formal Dress Codes In Fundamental Religious Groups

The following '3' groups: Jehovah's Witnesses, Holy Pentecosts, and Mormons follow very strict and formal dress codes. In all '3' of these men must wear dress shirts, ties and slacks and long hair or facial hair of any kind is forbidden or at the very least considered "worldy", or heathen. In all '3' women must wear skirts or dresses and can not wear pants.

Jehovah's Witnesses have a very rigid formal dress code to stick to at all their religious services. Men must wear slacks, dress shirts and a tie and a dress coat 'if' they wish to participate in any JW meetings. Men can not have any faicial hair or long hair. Women must wear skirts or dresses and are not to wear pants. Jeans and t-shirts at religious services are consider

There is alot of contridiction in JW's dress codes. On one hand they claim they follow the tradition of the land they live in...and yet I would ask: "In what time period? The 1950's? In the 1950's people were so formal that a man actually would put on a tie to go to a cafe. But times have changed.

Pentecostals have even more rigid formal dress codes than JW's. Men must wear long sleeve dress shirts and ties and slacks. Here again facial hair and long hair is forbidden. Women must wear long skirts, even OUTside religious services. Women can not wear make up at all or else be considered whores. No jewlery all all for either sexes.

Even more so than JW's, Pentecostals extend much of their rigid formal dress codes to even OUTside of the church! For men to wear short sleeved shirts is considered "inmodest." And neither sex is to wear any type of necklaces.

Mormons, much like the 2 other above groups, say men must wear whote dress shirts with ties and slacks and women must wear dresses or skirts.

Much the same here with Mormoms as with JW's and Pentecostals...Let's go on to the next page...